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An In-Depth Review of the Wenger GA-7335-07F00 Granite Computer Backpack

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An In-Depth Review of the Wenger GA-7335-07F00 Granite Computer Backpack

There are a lot of things that people want in laptop backpacks, and one of them is a lightweight build. Laptops are already heavy and carrying them in a heavier bag can be very inconvenient. Good thing I found the Wenger GA-7335-07F00 Granite Computer Backpack, and not only is it a light model, it’s also extremely functional and it can meet all my needs. Perhaps it can do the same for you after you’ve read this review.


This bag is particularly a favorite of mine when it comes to the design. Its rugged, mighty look makes it an excellent outdoor sporty bag that carries all your stuff when you’re out for travel, road trips, and vacations. Not only does it sport a nicely accented face with a SwissGear symbol on the top, it’s also a very comfortable bag to wear because it’s lightweight even for its big size. Compared to bags of the similar brand, this model has only a weight of 2.3 pounds but has the dimensions of 20.8″ x 14″ x 2″.

The compartment for the laptop is designed for laptops with screens up to 15.6”. The compartment is nicely padded and has a strap for keeping the device in place. It also has water bottle pockets at either side so you won’t have to bulk up the compartments and worry about the stuff inside getting wet.

There are three compartments of the bag, the front one having an organizer for small office supplies such as pens, calculators, and others. It also has a cellphone case with strap and another pocket for other items that you want to safely keep in your bag. The second compartment in the middle is where you store your paperwork, documents, textbooks, and notebooks. The last one and the deepest compartment is for the laptop, and you can still squeeze in some other items like notebooks and documents inside it.


The bag has a nice green granite color which is not as dark but has a nice, masculine touch. But it can also be used by women because the lightness is a perfect olive green. The black and gray accents on the face and body of the bag add aesthetic value to it, and the colors are less likely to show stains and evidence of weathering. Anyone can use it, even a college student or a professional. The casual appearance of the bag makes it good for everyday use, travel, and vacations.

Other Features

The bag has a case base stabilizer platform which keeps it upright at all times, preventing it from falling sideways or stumbling due to the heaviness of the load. You won’t have to worry about your laptop getting damaged from falling or stumbling often. The padded shoulder straps are also excellent shock absorbers which allow the equal distribution of weight, making it more comfortable for you to carry the bag. The trademark of SwissGear, the SWISSGUARD computer pocket, is especially designed for complete protection and safe storage of your beloved gadget. Using this bag makes carrying your laptop everywhere easy, comfortable, and very secure.


SwissGear backpacks are excellent, but if you’re looking for a nice, lightweight, and complete bag that can provide all your needs, better go with the Wenger GA-7335-07F00 Granite Computer Backpack. I did, and I’m completely happy with it. I suggest you get it now while promo prices are still available online.

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