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Become Famous In College In 7 Days

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Become Famous In College In 7 Days

It doesn’t matter why you want to become famous in 7 days.The fact of the matter is people who are popular have power. They can influence and lead. If you have the attention of the student body, not only do you have an army of followers, your social life will skyrocket.

Rising to the top of the social hierarchy in university is all about being good at politics. You must know how to win people over. As a general rule, you should be friendly and outgoing. Of course, maybe you are strapped for time, and you need to become popular right away! Becoming famous campus wide in 7 days is a whole other story.

Nothing attracts attention more than controversy. If you want to become famous on campus in a 7 day period, you will have to assume the role of a radical visionary.

Visionaries have charisma, conviction, and passion. These qualities make people want to follow them. Radicals confront the establishment, and create upheavals in the status quo. In order to become famous on campus in 7 days, massive action must be taken. In fact, what I’m going to suggest to you might be just short of a revolution.

Before I go into the details however, let me stress that I do not recommend that you make a political statement on campus just for the sake of becoming popular. Pick a cause that you are sincerely passionate about, and fight for it. You will make a strong contribution to that cause, and the side effect will be fame on campus.

If you want to become famous in university in 7 days, make a seven day campaign for some school wide issue or charitable cause, and do something extreme in order to call attention to the issue. Remember, I said extreme, and not dangerous.

I have a friend who wanted to raise awareness about homeless university students in North America. Some students struggle to pay their tuition, and can’t afford rent afterward. As an attempt to raise awareness, she dressed very warmly, packed a few blankets and pillow, and slept outside of the school library for 7 days. As people passed by and asked what she was doing, she would tell them. Literally overnight, she has mobs of people joining in to rally for her cause.

I have another friend who staged a two day protest against racism on our campus. Every black person dressed in black and remained silent for the 2 days. He stirred up enough attention to get a recommendation letter from the president of the the school when he graduated.

Not everyone can join a fraternity or varsity team, but anyone can make a political statement on campus to raise awareness. Politics is the fastest way I know to gain notoriety on campus, but takes finesse and social skills. Once you become famous in seven days, people will look to you for leadership. If you do not have the skills required to lead them, you will lose your new found power and influence. My blog goes into detail on rising to the top of your social circle and what to do when you get there. Be sure to check it out!

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