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Belize Travel – Want a Crack at Something Different? Take a Belize Vacation

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Belize Travel – Want a Crack at Something Different?  Take a Belize Vacation

A Belize vacation is unlike vacations in many other parts of the world. Belize attractions and activities can captivate your imagination and make your Belize travel a delight.

Fortunately Belize, for the most part, has not paved over its natural wonders. A Belize vacation is ecotourism in action.

Ocean activities

Belize is blessed with clear waters, vibrant coral and an abundant marine life. That’s what attracts scuba divers and snorkelers from around the world.

  • Want to swim with nurse sharks and southern sting rays? Then head to Shark Ray Allen on your Belize holidays and you can find them all around you on your underwater adventure.
  • On the way you’ll probably catch site of turtles, iguanas and lizards.

    Bird watching and other exotic delights

    Take a hike through Belize’s twisted jungle paths overhung with vines,exotic orchids and bromeliads. You might feel as if you’re strolling through the Garden of Eden.

    You’ll want to check out this wetland environment because it’s an ideal habitat for all sorts of exotic birds and animals.

    Bird watching is a natural. You’ll probably hear the call of parrots and toucans interspersed with the roar of the howler monkey.

    Sport fishing’s also quite popular. And you might even catch sight of the elusive jaguar.

  • Belize holidays should include a trip to the Half Moon Caye Natural Monument. This protected area helps conserve the frigatebird and red-footed booby bird. If you’re there in the winter you will probably see osprey and white-crowned pigeons as well.
  • Belize attractions

    If you’re into sports you’ll see plenty on your Belize travel.

  • Although soccer and basketball are the most popular sports, there’s also boxing, softball and volleyball to capture your attention.
  • Like to cycle? Look into the Annual International Cross-Country Cycle Race held every Easter and maybe you can make history.
  • Belize weather and geography

    Belize is the site of the second largest barrier reef in the world.

  • It’s a small country in the Caribbean that’s on the eastern coast of Central America and is bordered by Guatemala and Mexico.
  • If you’re planning a Belize vacation, there’s a good chance it will be hot and humid.

  • And any Belize travel should be done during the dry season, December to April.
  • A friend of mine was traveling in Belize during the rainy season. The downpours were so huge that the streets of the towns got flooded making it almost impossible to get anywhere on foot. It can rain from 60 inches per year in the north up to 160 inches per year in the south. That’s a lot of water.

    So it’s best to avoid taking a Belize vacation between early May and November.

    A little bit of history

    The history of the country is rather interesting and influences the lives of the people down to this day.

    Belize travel will bring you into contact with a wonderful mixture of ethnic groups including African, Arab, Asian, Caribbean, Creole, Hispanic, Mestizo cultures and more. The earliest recorded settlement is the Maya civilization. Explore the ancient Mayan ruins – its temples and ballcourts – and you can almost hear history whispering in your ear.

  • Belize is the last British colony in the Americas. Queen Elizabeth II is it’s sovereign. Matter of fact, together with its parliamentary democracy it’s the only country in Central America with English as the official language.
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