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Bintan’s Finest Views

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Bintan’s Finest Views

With a population of just over 110 thousand, Bintan, a province in Indonesia, is home to a good amount of people. Add to that a large amount of tourism and this island is booming! This island can be reached within an hour from the Indonesian capital of Jakarta.

Bintan is one of the younger provinces in Indonesia, but also one of the richest. With more than just tourism going for this young province, Bintan is a lead exporter in agricultural goods and also has industries in mining and natural resources. It’s with these industrial zones and beautiful tourism attractions that make Bintan well off.

Ujung Kulon

Ujung Kulon is a wildlife reserve is on the southwestern tip of the island. It was opened by the Dutch in 1921 to protect the then threatened Javanese rhinoceros. The whole area now covers 760 square kilometers and boasts one of the best places to view wildlife in the surrounding area.

Animals that can be seen here include river otters, deer, crocodiles, birds, hornbill, and of course the Javanese rhinoceros. Crocodiles and the Javanese rhinoceros are hard to come by, but are in fact a large part of the reserve.

Surosowan Palace

The Surosowan Palace was built during the 16th century and has remained somewhat intact since its construction. Most of parts of the palace were totally damaged during an attack that occurred in 1808 that was lead by the Dutch Governor Daendels.

When the palace was first built, it covered an area of 30,000 square meters and was surrounded by thick walls! In the front of the palace there is a museum where visitors can look at artifacts that had been excavated.

Kaibon Palace

Another palace that is located on Bintan is the Kaibon Palace. At one time, a queen ruled this palace. The name of the palace is derived from the word ‘Ibu’, meaning mother, and was constructed in the early 19th century.

The same man that led an attack on the Surosowan Palace also ordered an attack on the Kaibon Palace (Dutch Governor Daendels, if you forgot). This attack was staged in 1813. The place still stands for visitors to go and tour, but it mostly consists of remains and ruins today.

Bintan Grand Mosque

The mosque was founded in 1566. Around it you would find a market that sold local goods and souvenirs. When touring, visitors would likely think they are going to see a lighthouse. However, this is not the case. The lighthouse construction is actually a part of the mosque.

So with so many great places to see when visiting the province with one of the many available Bintan free and easy tour packages, your trip is bound to be filled with beauty, scenery, and maybe even some wild animals if you get the chance. If you do go to the nature reserve, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the rare rhinoceros, for they truly are a sight to see!

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