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Busch Gardens Williamsburg – A Classy Park Filled With Great Scenery, Rides, and Interesting Animals

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg – A Classy Park Filled With Great Scenery, Rides, and Interesting Animals

If there’s one city that’s renowned for its class, it’s Williamsburg, VA. It’s a blend of classic Colonial attractions and modern attractions both. The area also has old European influences – especially at its parks. One park in particular that has an old European feel is Busch Gardens. You’ll really feel as if you’ve stepped right into the highlands of Scotland when you set foot in Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Despite its classy atmosphere, the park also has its share of fun roller coasters and other rides. There are attractions that will amaze people of all ages.

Before heading there, you need to order your tickets online. Since there are so many ticket options, you might not know which ones to get. Keep in mind that a single day pass isn’t necessarily the cheapest option. All it will do is let you visit for one day; you won’t receive any perks or anything. You might be better off going with a Williamsburg vacation package that includes a visit or stay at Busch Gardens. There are also annual passes with which you will be able to return for unlimited visits for the rest of the season.

Ordering your tickets and/or booking a vacation package online ahead of time will give you more time to plan the trip. You won’t have to wait in line for half the morning on the day of your visit. You’ll want all of the free time you can get if you want to see everything the park and gardens have to offer.

If you’re an enthusiast for thrilling rides, then you don’t want to miss out on a chance to go on the Loch Ness Monster. It’s often rated a favorite by guests, who claim to love its interlocking and double-looping. Passengers are hurled along 3,000 or so feet of steel track.

Other fun rides you might be interested in going on include:

· Alpengeist

· Apollo’s Chariot

· Escape from Pompeii

· Griffon

· Da Vinci’s Cradle

Of course, no trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg would be completed without seeing the animals. If you’d like to see colorful birds greeting you from branches, then Lorikeet Glen is the place to be. This is a free-flight aviary with hundreds of bright colorful birds.

Wolf Valley and Wolf Haven are the places to go if you want to see these beautiful canines. Wolves are not only beautiful, they are very interesting. You can learn a lot about them at these areas of the park.

You now have some suggestions of places you might want to check out at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It really is a classy place to visit – and far more affordable than an actual trip to Europe!

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