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Buy in Belize – Where Nature Delights

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Buy in Belize – Where Nature Delights

Looking for a place where you could relax, enjoy life and spend some quality time. Recreating and strengthening your roots, so you could bounce back. You don’t have to go to the other side of the globe anymore – Belize is just the place you are looking for. Easily accessible, you just have to open one door and walk into another.

Buying property in Belize is made simple; this tropical paradise can be easily realized, and why not, with the number of incentives the Government of Belize is willing to provide. You can contribute to the development of Belize and the Government of Belize will welcome you with open arms.

8867 square miles of Belize is enchanting and every inch a paradise.

Own Land in Paradise

The economy of Belize is based on tourism and agriculture, with sugarcane, citrus, bananas and aqua-culture as the main-stream providers. The manufacturing industry is also agro-based. Belize’s success in tourism, together with close proximity to Canada and the United States has encouraged visitors to buy properties and settle here. We should also be thankful to the Belizean Government for allowing non-Belizeans to purchase and own properties in Belize. Rich pine forests, lush tropical rain forests, savannah and mangrove forests to sandy Caribbean beaches, rivers, streams, lagoons and plenty of islands, all add to attract visitors.

Well, you could even own an island here if you wish to have.

Check them out

Crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea encourage fishing in Belize and scuba diving in Belize. Places such as Long Caye at Lighthouse Reef offer some of the best diving and fishing in the Hemisphere. Rare and exotic species of birds, mammals and fish abounding Belize’s fertile eco-systems thrive as they are supported by the protected status provided to 42% of Belize land. The Community Baboon Sanctuary, The Hol Chan Marine Reserve, The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary – the world’s only Jaguar preserve, and the Maya sites are all protected spaces under the Belizean law.

Real Estate – Your Piece of the Pie

Mid-November through May are the driest months of the year. The rains start in late-June and end in mid-November. High tourist season starts in December and continues through May. The rest of the year is comparatively less crowded. Plan a trip to Belize, and you can choose your way. Fly, sail, or drive through land. The destination within Belize will give you a most memorable time.

Choose among the seafront, farms, acreages, community dwellings, and other properties that are available for sale. When you get home, it gives you great memories. Be here, look around – Belize is ever willing and will gladly help you make up your mind.

Farming in Belize

If you love farming, you could go for large tracts of rural land. The soil is fertile and can offer you an opportunity of developing the agricultural sector of the Belizean economy with your contributions. Come, be here, be a part of the Belize story, there are many incentives as well that the Government of Belize has planned.

Sun, Lagoon and Quiet

You could be creative, and wanting a space for inspiration, or to recoup. Or you may be looking to complete that unfinished book. Belize is available with the right environs that you long for. An ideal place to retire, so you can do what you like – at your own pace and terms of choice. Whenever you are fed-up with the mad rush of the fast life, come and soak in the Sun, Lagoon and the Quiet.

Belize is so near.

Home is Where the Heart is

Sure, but you would never know until you have given Belize a chance. Real Estate in Belize offers a variety of choices, to suit every budget, and in style. Islands, Farms, Ranches, Waterfront, Villas and Community Dwellings. The choice is so wide that you are sure to find, what you like. Belize isn’t expensive either. It is moderate and affordable. Much less expensive than the other surrounding Caribbean countries.

Belizean Thoughts

You only have to be in Belize for three days before you can apply for a marriage license, with a one day notice. You must have a certified copy of your Birth Certificate as proof of citizenship, notarized with the father’s name; proof of divorce, if necessary; a certified copy or original of divorce certificate, and a copy of the death certificate for widows or widowers, if necessary. You could be married by either a Justice of Peace or Registrar General in Belize City.

Come, visit Belize. Who knows, this may just be what you were waiting for.

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