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Cable Cars, BART, Ferries, Taxis in San Francisco

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Cable Cars, BART, Ferries, Taxis in San Francisco

Besides New York, San Francisco is the second most densely populated city in the United States. The need for public transportation in this bustling city is a must. The San Francisco peninsula and the East Bay are linked together by BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) which is a 71-mile long rail with high speed trains. Other options to travel on to connect you to the city, are the boats and passenger ferries. By far the most famous means of travel in the city are the cities icon the Cable Car. Cable Cars in San Francisco are a thrill to ride. The San Francisco Cable Car system operates from 6:30 am to 12:30 am every day, with special schedules on the weekends. The cost for a single trip is $3. Cable cars run along three routes. Each cable car has its route displayed on the front, back and on the sides. The Powell-Hyde is the most popular cable car route and it starts at the Powell and Market turntable and ends on Hyde Street near Aquatic Park. The second line starts at Powell and Market streets and ends at Bay Street. The California line runs from the base of Market street through the Financial District, Chinatown and ends at Van Ness Avenue. Cable cars run at 15-minute intervals.

Part of the fun of riding a cable car is that you have to jump on it. You can buy a one-day pass from the conductor, or you can buy souvenirs, maps, and passes at kiosks at Powell and Market streets or at the city Visitor Information Center, or at the California Welcome Center at Pier 39.

Like all big ciites, traffic congestion can be a problem. Public transportation has aided in this problem significantly, but do try to avoid rush hour times.

Safe traveling in cable cars

You can choose to sit or to stand if there is no crowd. If you stand ensure that you hang on poles that are provided for the safety.

Also you must not get away of the grip man, because he needs a lot of space to operate the grip lever. Passing other cable cars is excited but you must not lean out too far because they get very close to one another. All passengers have to get off at the end of the line.

USEFUL NUMBERS: Cable Car Barn: (415) 474-1887

Using BART for traveling

BART trains operate daily from early morning until midnight. The trains are clean and the service is efficient. BART train stops at 5 main stations. All stops are under Market Street and they are Van Ness, Civic Center, Powell, Montgomery and Embarcadero. Here you can catch a train going straight to San Francisco International Airport.

Traveling with Ferries

Local residents of the Bay Area adore their ferries and they are used as much by local residents as they are by tourists. These ferries are cheaper than using sightseeing cruises and they do not offer audio tours.

There are different ferries companies like Golden Gate Ferries, Blue and Gold Fleet and Red and White Fleet. The ferries offer different tourist spots sightseeing like for example Angel Island, Alcatraz and north shore towns.

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