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Detailed African Safari Information

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Detailed African Safari Information

If you are planning to go on an African safari trip soon, but are not much aware about safaris, here is some useful information for you.

The word safari was originally used to describe a journey which involved hunting and exploring the wild woods. But now it is used to describe an adventurous journey to discover nature and wildlife in their natural habitats.

Throughout the world, South Africa is considered to be the best African safari destination. It has the maximum number of wildlife parks, where one can have a true African safari experience. The vibrant parks of this continent draw in many safari lovers from all over the world through out the year.

The different African safari parks offer different experiences to its visitors and are different from each other in their specialties. Some parks are famous because of their vivid topography while others are the home to a number of rare species of birds and animals.

There are a number of safari options in each of the parks, for a visitor to choose from, for exploring the wild woods. One can choose to fly over, drive through or simply walk though the forest areas during their African safari tour. In some parks one can also enjoy theme based safaris such as canoeing, elephant-back, horseback and honeymoon safaris.

One can find the following lodging options available during an African safari:

  • Hotels and lodges: If you want to live in a comfortable hotel or lodge, you will find many of them available during your trip. However, if you are visiting during the peak season, it will be wise on your part to make an advanced booking.
  • Permanent tented safaris: Although there are many comfortable guest houses and hotels to put up during the safari trip, many people choose to go for permanent tented safaris to have the true experience of a safari trip.

    You need to strategically plan your African safari vacation to make it more enjoyable and exciting. Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure that your African safari is not only exciting but safe as well.
  • Collect information about all the African safari parks and their specialties. You can then choose a park according to your interest.
  • Collect information about the right time to visit the park. Visiting the park during the peak season will ensure that you do not miss out anything during your African safari tour.

    Get the shots of all the important vaccinations before leaving for the safari.

  • Pack your bags with the minimum but most essential things. Carry the right clothing, shoes and other accessories for your African safari holiday.
  • Carry the important medicines, food and water in sufficient quantities.

    Survey the internet, about the different African safari packages offered by the different tour and travel agents, and then finalize one according to your interest and budget.

  • While booking a package, make sure all the essential things like accommodation, ground transportation, meals, excursion, guide, driver, transfers etc are include in it.
  • Make sure you are accompanied by an experienced and expert guide. The guide is the person who can make or spoil your trip.
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