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Do You Need To Give a Gift? Consider a Gift Basket!

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Do You Need To Give a Gift? Consider a Gift Basket!

When we think of a gift basket, we automatically think that the container to put all our gifts in should be a basket. However, the basket can be just about anything! It could be pertinent to the topic of the gift or not. Below are some examples of what I mean:

For a female gift, you can get a makeup bag and fill it with cuticle gel, base coat and top coat polish, nail enamel, emery boards, nail clipper, and a small manicure set. You could also use the same makeup bag and fill it with eye shadows, eye liners, lipstick or lip gloss, blush and a set of makeup brushes.

Or, you can get an inflatable foot bath and stock it with a foot soak, an exfoliating clay mask, an overnight treatment cream, an all-day deodorant foot spray, a toe-nail clipper, a pumice brush, a nail polish, etc.

Another idea would be to get a drawstring bag and put together an assortment of body lotions, body powder, shower gels, hand cream, shampoo and conditioner, a candle and a shower pouf.

For a male gift, you can get a travel toiletry bag and add a cologne, body wash, after shave conditioner, shaving razors, toe nail clippers, a deodorant bar soap, a comb, a roll-on anti-perspirant deodorant, etc.

For young kids, you can get a tote bag and pile in body wash, shampoo and conditioner, body paints, comb and brush set, bubble bath, etc.

For a teenage girl, you can stock a makeup bag with light shades of blush, lip balm, face moisturizer with a slight tint, makeup sponges or cotton balls, and a promise to have a ‘makeup party’ to show the proper way to apply the products.

Some occasions to give a gift basket:

Birthday Gifts
Special Occasions
Work Colleagues
House Warming Gifts

Another idea for a gift basket is a:

Baby Shower

The container can be a diaper bag, a baby bathtub, a wastebasket, a car seat, etc. You get the idea. Basically anything that can be filled with other smaller gifts can act as the basket. The gifts that you fill it with can be in line with the container, too.

The baby bathtub can be stocked with baby shampoo, baby wash, wash cloths, towels, hair brush and comb, nail scissors, powder, etc.

The diaper bag can be filled with extra diapers, a sleeper, diaper rash cream, a changing pad, a pacifier, a rattle, etc.

The wastebasket can hold diapers, a night-light, wastebasket garbage bags, extra crib sheets, etc.

The car seat can contain a neck stabilizer, an extra blanket, a rattle, a window shade for sun, burp cloths, etc.

I hope you can see that the sky’s the limit! You can pretty much create a gift basket from just about any container and for any occasion.

Be creative and let your mind roam. Think of the recipient of the gift and what their likes are. What do they like to do, wear, read, drink, eat, and so on? Everyone enjoys opening a gift where they are constantly reaching in and bringing out another gift. The suspense of what each gift is becomes a gift by itself!

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