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Eco-tourism Web sites in Uganda

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Eco-tourism Web sites in Uganda

Mabira Forest Reserve

Mabira Central Forest reserve is a single OF Uganda’s greatest surviving normal Forest covering an area of 306sqkm. The forest is a purely natural Habitat of 312 species of trees including the endangered Cordia Milllenii, Mililia Exclesa, the Warbhugia Ugandenesis which has medicinal homes and its identified to get rid of around forty conditions and the vulnerable prunus Africana.

Mabira is also property of 315 species of Chook this kind of as the Nahan’s Francolin, cassin Hawk Eagle, the forest wooden hoope, the purple throated cuckoo, the tit hylia, the pink headed blue monthly bill, the black bellied seed cracker, the shinning blue king fisher and quite a few a lot more. Some of these species can only be located in Mabira forest and no wherever else.

Other exclusive functions to be explored in the forest Reserve involve 218 butterfly species, 97 moths species,23 compact mammal species specially primate species of Monkey clan and the amazing Griffin falls.


Lodging in the Forest Reserve is obtainable in 3 bandas which can accommodate a highest of 10 attendees at the eco tourism site around Najjembe Trading Centre. The bandas are self -catering while some light foods can be well prepared for you by the Property Keeper. There is also a camping ground near site for do it your self caravans at a modest rate.


Mabira Central Forest Reserve is located on the most important Kampala- Jinja High in Mukono District. It is 54km from the town centre of Kampala and 26km from Jinja town. The eco- tourism internet site s about fifty percent a kilometer from the street head together a small grime street off the Najjembe Buying and selling heart. The forest is for that reason available by all automobiles in the course of the 12 months.

Other companies

Specialised, well-informed and courteous community guides are on web page prepared to consider you for an enjoyable interpretative forest wander.

Mabira Eco-Tourism Drama team, a neighborhood interest group entertains visitors with cultural tunes, Dance and Drama. The Najjembe women’s craft team guarantees that guests take a souvenir residence in variety of handicrafts like baskets, mats, handbags, and bedcovers all created out of community components. The Mabira forest built-in Community Organization (MAFICO), a nearby non govt firm, is in superior levels of building a community Eco-Tourism web page at the Griffin falls positioned 20kms from the Najjembe visitor reception centre.

Lutoboka, Kampala and Bunjazi central forest reserves.

These forests, identified on the famous Ssesse islands, are explained as medium altitude moist forests. They form a belt along the lake and the reduced ridges with a light slope from the lake shore to the centre. Having said that, the forest walks are not physically demanding.

The forest trails are well produced, one particular particular path that visitors to Lutoboka must not pass up stretches from the landing website up to the fort the place the explorer Henry Murton Stanley pitched camp on his way to the famed mountains of the moon.

There are 31 gazette Forest Reserve is 378 hectares, Kampala forest Reserve is 139Hectare and Bunjazi forest reserve is 80 Hectares.

The Ssesse Islands are a team of 84 islands popular for their unexplored forests some of which are totally uninhabited. They are a normal habitat for exceptional and endemic birds and butterflies. Primate species specially the monkeys abound. This rich and virgin eco procedure serenely blends into the aquatic expanse of Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest

Lake, creating these forest reserves a will have to go to.

Routines in the forest reserve incorporate Forest walks, bird looking at, primate identification and butterfly identification. In addition, readers can also get pleasure from sailing, boating, fishing and sunshine bathing alongside the lake shore.


Accomodation in the reserves especially Lutoboka is largely in the fingers of non-public developers. There are a selection of perfectly formulated seashores and resorts for both of those the upper market place and Center marketplace. Funds travelers are recommended to request modest lodge lodging commonly obtainable in Kalangala city council a several kilometers from Lutoboka.


Accessibility to the Islands is by Ship from Nakiwogo Landing web page around Entebbe at accurately 14 hrs day-to-day. The ship begins its return journey from Lutoboka landing web page at specifically 8:00am.

Alternatively, one particular could tactic the islands by ferry from Bukakata/ Kachanga landing internet site in close proximity to Masaka. The Ferry docks at Luku landing web-site near Kalangala, 4 situations a working day commencing at 8:00am

Kashoya -Kitomi Central Forest Reserve

Situated 35 km from Bushenyi, Kasyoha- Kitomi Central forest Reserve is 433sq.Kiliometers. Ecotourism in the reserve is just beginning to produce under the umbrella of Ndekye Women’ Enhancement Affiliation. The most important points of interest in the reserve incorporate primates this sort of as chimpanzees, blue monkeys, Purple tailed monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys and Baboons. The reserve also features of impressive crater lakes these as the twin lakes of Kamweru and Kyema as nicely as clear Lake Kamunzuku. Being adjacent to Queen Elizabeth Nationwide Park, the reserve hosts a range of compact mammals like duikers, antelopes, bush pigs and the Uganda Kob.

Migratory Elephants can at times be viewed. Other points of interest in the reserve consist of waterfalls, canoeing, fowl viewing, sight observing, conservation instruction, camping and group walks.

A three – hour walking path has been produced from the tenting internet site at magambo to the transparent Lake Kamunzuku.

Amenities in the reserve are nevertheless modest with a tenting web page at Magambo Parish headquarters overlooking the astounding twin lakes. Shoppers are encouraged to deliver tents with them for camping in this put and transportation, a 4 wheel travel is a should have.

Budongo Central Forest Reserve

Budongo Central Forest Reserve is the premier surviving Pure forest in Uganda with a complete floor region of 825sq. kilometers. It straddles across 3 districts of Masindi, Hoima and the newly made Bulisa district. This is a genuine forest, really very little illegal activity and encroachment has ensured that the forest continues to be as natural as it can be.

Visitors in search of the serenity and calmness are currently being up coming to mother nature must opt for Budongo. It is skillfully preserved and managed by National Forest authority, it can be divided into a few zones its stringent Mother nature Reserve is the oldest in the country even though its buffer zone allows Eco- Tourism and research to prosper and its creation zone caters for business things to do.

Budongo has two Eco- Tourism sites particularly Kaniyo- Pabidi and Busingiro

Kaniyo-Pabidi Eco-Tourism Web-site


Kaniyo Pabidi is located in the North Jap portion of Budongo Forest Reserve. It is a organic habitat of about 120chimpanzees. Even so, only just one group consisting of about 30 chimpanzees has been completely habituated for Eco-Tourism reasons. There are also other primate species these kinds of as the black and white colobus monkey, the Purple tailed monkey, Blue Monkey, Vervet monkey and baboons. Portion of kaniyo pabidi is contagious with Murchison falls Nationwide parks and Bugungu wildlife reserve which are managed by Uganda Wild existence Authority. Hence, some savannah grassland species can be sighted in Kaniyo pabidi. These consist of Bush bucks, Pink and blue Duiker, bush pigs, warthogs, lions, water bucks and buffaloes. There is prolific birdlife especially the chocolate -backed king fisher and the pruvels eladosis. This space is dwelling of a range of tree species are recognized to have medicinal features. Butterflies, moths, and Tropical flowers are plentiful.

Forest trails at this internet site are effectively made and perfectly maintained for vacationer purposes. Vacationer pursuits consist of chimp tracking, chicken seeing, forest walks, conservation instruction, chimpanzee habituation and camping.


The Jane Goodall institute has completed modern Vacationer cabins and dormitory lodging for middle and upper markets. Boomu conservation and crafts and women’s affiliation operates basic lodging Bandas close to the Park Entry Gate


Kaniyo-Pabidi ecotourism internet site is situated close to 220km. From Kampala by way of Masindi which is 29km away. The web-site is along the secondary street that connects Masindi with Paraa. It is approximately 5 km. From the Murchison Park Boundary and entry gate.

Other Solutions

There are two local community organizations associated in Eco Tourism near Kaniyo- Pabidi: Boomu conservation and craft women’s association and Asera Azora women’s team. They present handicrafts, group walks, cooking walks, simple classic Accomodation and tenting Kaniyo pabidi has professional, experienced and welcoming guides who supply interpretation and guiding services.

Busingiro Eco-Tourism Website

Points of interest

Busingiro Eco Tourism site is found in the South Western component of Budongo forest Reserve, Like Kaniyo- Pabidi this spot is a habitat of quite a few primate species like chimpanzees, monkeys and baboons. Even so, the chimpanzees in Busingiro are not still habituated for visitor tracking. Mahogany, iron wood, fig trees stranglers and a host of medicinal trees sort the bulk of floral species in this seemingly untouched all-natural forest. Birds, butterflies, reptiles, small mammals and other Micro Organism sort the Eco- method that that will make this certain web-site enviable. Visitor need to not miss out on the proverbial Royal Mile. This is one of the highlights of Busingiro. The Royal Mile is a extend of just one mile with a selection of all the tree species discovered in Budongo Forest Reserve. King Kabalega, the former king of Bunyoro used to repeated this section for leisure with his queen. The segment derives its identify from these Royal visits. The segment is impressive by the Nationwide Forestry Authority for historical, aesthetic and leisure motives. Routines in Busingiro include forest walks, chook observing, primate identification, conservation schooling, Exploration, and butterfly identification between other individuals. There is a primate investigation station on the web-site of aged sawmill at Sonso. The forest trails at this web page are well formulated and very well preserved for tourist functions.


Accommodation at Busingiro is made up mostly at camping amenities. However, the Jane Goodall institute in the system of renovating and refurbishing the tourist Bandas to home at minimum 10 people.


The website is situated to the west of Masindi. It is close to 47 km. from Masindi City by using Kinyara and Nyabyebya. Masindi its self is somewhere around 200km from Kampala on a good tarmac Street. Busingiro is on the earth Road that connects Masindi with Paraa by using Bulisa on the shore of Lake Albert.

Mpanga Central Forest Reserve

Points of interest

Mpanga Central Forest Reserve is a organic Forest with special Tree species and other flora. Among the the exceptional tree species are the celtis household species with significant buttresses, the Ficus family and Mahogany.

The forest also offers of range primates specially the pink tailed monkeys, Nocturnal visits can be arranged to see the bush infants.

There is an array of birdlife like the Russ’ Turaco, Weaver- birds, the gray parrot, Owls, Hornbills and Cuckoos.

The forest is also dwelling to assortment of butterflies and moths.

The main actions in the forest contain forest walks and forest exploration, bird looking at and identification, primate observing and butterfly identification.

The forest trails are properly created into four principal routings specifically the baseline trails, the hornbill trail, The Butterfly Path, and the family path each with distinctive features and experiences.


There is a basic Lodging at visitor reception Central at Mpanga less than the administration of the National Foresty Authority. Just one Vacationer Banda, a self- contained duplex, a double place and dormitory on the main workplace block can accommodate website visitors at Mpanga. There is also a tent for seek the services of at a modest price.

These are self- catering services while light meals can be ordered from the property caretaker.


Located in Mpigi District 37km from the city centre of Kampala, the forest Reserve is quickly obtainable by way of the principal Kampala -Masaka highway. The Eco-Tourism web page is roughly 1 km from the highway head utilizing a effectively-surfaced dirt road. The access thus is on a tarmac street and the fantastic dust is satisfactory through out the 12 months.

Bugoma Eco Tourism Web page

Bugoma Central Forest Reserve is located in Hoima District. It addresses a total floor place of 41,144 hectares.

Eco- Tourism in the Reserve is currently being spearheaded by African Character Conservation Expeditions, a personal firm with extensive knowledge in Tourism enhancement. The firm is in highly developed levels of infrastructure advancement at a previous Forest station. 10 Tourist Bandas to home a minimal of 10 readers for each night are nearing completion. In addition, another 10 luxury Tented Camps exclusively for the higher current market are ready.

The web-site is endowed with range of Vacationer Sights such as Chimpanzees, monkeys, Reptiles, Birds and Butterflies and trees totaling 30km extended divided into loops of 200 metres every single have been designed. The reserve is in close proximity to the Oil Exploration web pages which has precipitated the migration of a lot of grassland species because of to Habitat disturbance. All those that can from time to time be witnessed incorporate Uganda Kobs, Buffaloes and elephants. The reserve is accessible through a dirt Highway 70km away from Hoima Township. Hoima is close to 200km from Kampala. There is also an airstrip for mild plane at Kisaru Tea Estates 12km from Bugoma Ecotourism internet site. Professionally guides are on web-site to deliver an unforgettable expertise to site visitors.

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