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Every Day Handbag Styles Available to You

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Every Day Handbag Styles Available to You

In today’s fashion world market there are many different handbag styles available to you. Handbags are the favourite women’s accessory and they are a must in the fashion world. Every little girl already knows what is a bag, handbag or a purse and what they are used for. Not everybody though is familiar with the terminology used in the designer’s world. Fashion experts usually use terms like messenger handbags, duffel bags, handbags satchel or ladies backpack. Many of you probably heard some of these words before but can not really picture how such handbag looks like. If you are interested to find out more about all the different handbag styles available to you just keep on reading.

So there are 4 main categories under which the different handbag styles for every day use, can be grouped.

These 4 categories consist of:


Many of us would also call them knapsack, rucksack or packsack. They can be made out of a cloth, nylon or leather. Backpacks are carried on our back and are usually secured with two straps that go over the shoulders. Backpacks are worn by every generation if it is small children, teenagers, adults or seniors, everybody has at least one piece in their closet. There are many moms with small children who prefer backpacks designed especially for ladies before the diaper bags. Backpacks provide the freedom to our hands that we often need for other activities as well

Messenger Bags

They are especially popular between high school, college and university students. Messenger bags have a cross body strap and a large flap. They were mainly designed to fit larger documents carried by couriers. As many other handbag styles you can get these bags in different materials and colors. Most people do prefer these types of bags in leather since they last the longest. More and more designers are adding these styles into their wide assortment. Fendi has a wide variety of messenger bags perfectly designed to fit every persons needs.

Duffel Bags

Do you want to look chic and trendy? Yes, then the perfect choice is to get a leather duffel bag. They are the ideal selection if you are travelling a lot or going to the gym on a regular basis. Duffle Bags are mostly made out of cloth or leather and are characterized by their cylindrical shape. There is a wide assortment of these bags on the market in many different styles for men and women, different colors and sizes.


These handbags are characterized by their large size and small handles. Handbags satchel are worn on the arm instead of the shoulder. As mentioned in previous handbag styles they can be made of many different materials and used for various occasions such as work, shopping with friends or even certain parties. The trick is you need to adjust the satchels size to your body’s proportions.

There is way more to know about the basic handbags style than you probably thought. Since purses are most women’s biggest passion it would be shame not to know all the everyday use handbag styles available in the fashion world. I hope I brought some simple explanation about these styles and you were able to enhance your fashion knowledge.

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