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Exciting Adventure Tours on Vancouver Island

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Exciting Adventure Tours on Vancouver Island

Welcome to the beautiful west coast of British Columbia, Canada. Here in this island paradise, covered by untouched rainforests & surrounded by the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean, you will find an experience of a lifetime. Whether you prefer fishing or viewing whales off the coast, or taking part in an eco-tour in the vast old growth forests, a visit to Vancouver Island will leave you with memories that will last for a long time.

No matter what your age or capability the island has the experience for you. Vancouver Island tourism caters to a vast baby boomer & retiree population of travelers. So do not be scared off by the sounds of wild adventures and adrenaline seeking experiences, there are destinations and experiences you will enjoy as well, with some well known & experienced professional operators to bring you the vacation of your dreams. Vancouver Island Adventures can help you find the adventure specific to your needs.

Vancouver Island is truly a unique destination for all visitors. Every year hundreds of thousands of people travel to the island from all over the world. Off the coast people can view various species of marine life and whales from Grey whales to Orcas (Killer Whales) with one of several whale watching tour operators in the region. The island is also home to some of the best world class scuba diving sites in the world. And no place on earth provides for better salmon fishing than off the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

For those who like the natural beauty of the island, many make their yearly pilgrimage here to view some of the largest old growth trees in the world, still left untouched by society’s growth. The temperate rainforests are renowned around the globe and truly are remarkable to see. Bird watchers & nature hikers love the plethora of protected provincial and national parks located all over the island including: Pacific Rim National Park, Strathcona Provincial Park, Horne Lake Provincial Park, Cape Scott Provincial Park. With lots of camp sites & hotel accommodations on the island it is certain that you’ll have comfortable stay whatever your personal preference.

If surfing is your thing, let some of the best surfers in Canada show you how it’s done. The west coast of the island plays hosting to exhilarating breaks & beautiful sand beaches; but be ready to strap on a wetsuit, even though it’s year round surfing here, it can be a bit chilly in the winter months. Speaking of winter months, for those who travel the world chasing storms I’m sure Vancouver Island needs no introduction. World famous for storm watching, dozens of beach front resorts now cater to unique fans of this specific Vancouver Island adventure industry.

But what about you winter sports enthusiasts. One of the west coast’s best ski mountains, Mount Washington – renowned for its record snow falls and beautifully kept runs – is a winter wonderland playground for everyone no matter whether you ski, snowboard or cross-country ski.

What other place in the world lets you golf in the morning, ski in the afternoon, and kayak at sunset? Visit Vancouver Island and experience the best the west coast of British Columbia, Canada has to offer!

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