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GPS Cell Phone Models – The Portable Navigation Device

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GPS Cell Phone Models – The Portable Navigation Device

Imagine yourself in a city you are not familiar with and suddenly, you realize that you are lost. Well, these days, with the latest technologies of global positioning system (GPS), it is not a big deal to know exactly where you are and get accurate direction to your destination.

And, GPS cell phones are a new aid in the direction of using GPS tracking system. The devices, with right software and service package, can indicate your location, provide information about nearby areas and give turn by turn direction to your destination.

The GPS cell phone works with a receiver when it is used inside an automobile. It enables you get driving directions by subscribing to navigation service and installing appropriate software package that is compatible with the phone. You need an integrated GPS cell phone if you want to use it outside the automobile. The add-ons are also available with those sets. People who are on there toes all the time can find the gadget a useful device to track their movement while navigating.

Of late, numerous brands have developed latest models with some of their exclusive features. It should be noted that all the GPS modules are not compatible with all the cell phone models. The 5140 model from Nokia can be upgraded to a GPS enabled device. It is otherwise known as Xpress-on shell. The device offers most of the features of a typical mapping handheld GPS system.

LAM-1 is another GPS module that is compatible with 9210 and 9210i models from Nokia. Besides an external antenna, the particular module is designed with TomTom City Maps and RoutePlanner. The system converts you phone into a navigator to get route direction and location information. However, the downside is the item is for use only in Europe.

Go2Directory is another useful application that is compatible with Verizon Z-800, Kyocera 3035e, LG brand VX10, Audiovox CMD8600 and CMD9500, VX4400, and VX4400B, and Motorola T720 and T730. With this GPS cell phone you can get information about nearby hotels, restaurants, filling stations and about any other businesses. The getGOING service from Verizon allows you to download Audiovox CDM8600 and CDM9500, AtlasBook Places to get maps and directions. The application is supported by Motorola T720 and T730, and Samsung’s SCH-a530 and SCH-a530s.

The Thuraya Hughes 7101 is another GPS cell phone that comes along with satellite and GSM. The features of the phone enable location determination, getting directions, location transmission via SMS, and storage of 25 GPS positions. The software allows satellite coverage for Central Asia, Europe, North and Central Africa, India, the Middle East and. The Garmin NavTalk GSM offers mapping with voice-prompted turn-by-turn guidance and automatic routing. The cell phone is for use in Europe and South Africa. The features offer 5 routes and upto 50 points per routes, and 500 waypoints. You can assign names and graphic symbols to each of them.

You can find buil-in GPS sunctions with Motorola i305 cell phone and the i530 cell phone. The system supports location enhanced services- mobile locator. The functions of the mobile phone are also displayed on a laptop or PDA, when connected. i305 and i530 are standard one-piece handset and clamshell handset respectively. The Benefon Esc! NT2002 Personal Navigation Phone is another GPS cell phone that can help you find your destination irrespective of the GSM coverage.

These days, almost all new mobile phones sold in America are GPS enabled. Some cell phones are developed with in-built receiver and other can be connected to one through Bluetooth or with wires. But, each GPS cell phone models have been proved useful for the owner.

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