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How To Sew Lined Shoe Bags For Golf, Tennis, Bowling, Gym, Dance or any Other Drawstring Bag

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How To Sew Lined Shoe Bags For Golf, Tennis, Bowling, Gym, Dance or any Other Drawstring Bag

Sewing shoe bags for the guys or gals in your life is a great gift idea. No matter what sport or hobby they enjoy or where they travel. . .far away or to the gym, shoe bags or drawstring bags come in handy.

The how to sew sewing instructions are for a lined drawstring shoe bag.

You are the designer. You can decide the purpose, fabric, design and size of your drawstring bag. Here are some suggestions.


Use whatever fabric suits your fancy. About 1/2 yard of fabric makes one shoe bag.

Sturdier fabrics like denim, canvas, slipcover fabric, fake suede, corduroy, etc. work well for sturdier shoes.

Fine fabrics like velour, velvet, cottons, flannels, etc. are good for dressier shoes.

Think about satin or silk for lingerie bags or jewelry bags. Or use mesh or terry for the beach or laundry bags.

Lining is optional. But, if you line the bags, choose a compatible lining fabric that won’t tear easily especially for the sturdier shoes. Sometimes the same fabric is the best lining. The instructions here are for a lined drawstring bag.

You may want to use washable fabrics so you can launder the bags later.

Preshrink all fabrics before cutting.


Use a pair of 36 inch long decorative shoe laces or leather laces for each bag or heavy cord or sew your own fabric or fake suede drawstrings. Ribbon also works.


Sew a test bag to see if the dimensions are right for you.

Cut one bag with the following suggested dimensions. Place the shoe inside and check to see if it fits well. Add or subtract from the length or width to adjust for whatever shoe or item that you have.

Suggested Sizes

For 2 golf shoe bags, cut 4 pieces of fabric 20 inches long and 11 inches wide. Cut 4 pieces of lining 19 inches long and 10-1/2 inches wide.

Note: Cut an extra drawstring bag for a golf ball bag.

Two bowling shoes will fit into one shoe bag. Cut 2 pieces of fabric 20 inches long and 11 inches wide. Cut 2 lining 19 inches long and 10-1/2 inches wide.

One bag may also hold 2 tennis shoes or 2 ladies dress shoes.

Gym shoes vary in size. For extra large or small shoes, measure around the shoe and adjust the size of the fabric plus seam allowances to accommodate the size of the shoe.

How To Sew Sewing Technique

Decorate the Shoe Bag

Make the drawstring bag unique with a special design or emblem. Think about monogramming the bags or adding a sport motif applique or embroidery design prior to stitching. Place the design about 3 inches from the bottom in the center of one of the 20 x 11 pieces.

After you trim the bag, place 2 bag pieces right sides together.

Measure and make a mark 5 inches down from the top of the bag on both sides.

Stitch 1/2 inch seam around bag starting and stopping at this 5 inch mark. Do not back stitch. For the first and last inch, use short stitches.

Repeat stitching as above for the lining.

Press all seams open on both bag and the lining.

Press under 1/2 inch on the unstitched 5 inch bag side edges. Fuse or stitch to hold.

Do the same for the lining.

Turn the bag right side out.

Turn the lining right side out.

Machine stitch 1/2″ at the bottom of the lining as if you were making a French seam. This creates a strong edge.

Turn the lining wrong side out.

Slip the lining down into the bag so that the top edge of the lining is 1/2 inch below the the top edge of the bag.

Fold the top edge of the front of the bag down 1/2 inch over the lining.

Press this fold to make a crease.

Now, bring the top folded pressed edge of the bag down to meet the side edges at the bottom of the opening.

Pin to hold and stitch close to this fold edge.

To make the casing, stitch 1″ above the previous stitching.

Repeat for the back side of the bag.

Insert Drawstrings

Use a safety pin or bodkin to help slide the drawstrings through the casings.

Slide one drawstring through the casing of the bag back and front having ends on the same side of the bag.

Insert the other drawstring starting at the other side of the bag, sliding through the casing of the bag back and front having ends on that side of the bag.

Tie the ends of the drawstrings together.

That completes the lined drawstring shoe bag.

Note: If the shoe bag is wide enough for two shoes, you may want to stitch up the center of the bag from the bottom up to (but do not include) the casing through all the layers to create separate compartments for each shoe to help keep them
from scuffing.

Pin before stitching and test to see if there is enough room
for the shoes. If not, you may want to increase the width
of your shoe bag.

Sew bags any size for anything. Everybody needs a bag for
something. Kids love treasure bags. Make big bags and little bags. Give drawstring bags to family and friends for Fathers’ Day, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc. Enjoy sewing bags!

It just makes sense!

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