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Manila, Philippines – A Tourist Guide

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Manila, Philippines – A Tourist Guide

Manila is considered to be one of the most exciting cities in Asia. It offers an interesting blend of culture, historic sites and experiences. However, the most impressive feature of the city of Manila is that it is as lively during the day as it is at night, making it an ideal vacation spot for the young and old alike.

If you want to visit Manila, then the ideal time to do so would be between November and February when the usually oppressive tropical temperatures come down to a bearable level. The people of Manila are known world over for their friendly and warm demeanor, so when you are navigating your way around the city, you should not face too much of a problem. Unlike most other Asian cities, English is spoken widely across Manila and this makes communication all the more easier.

A lot of scholars have described Manila as a city of contrasts- rusticity and urbanity; chaos and quiet. Therefore from happening nightclubs to historic churches, shopping malls to museums, everything is within your reach in this amazing city. However, if you really want to experience Manila in all its glory, then you absolutely must see a few sites.

The first one is the Intramuros or the “Old town.” This is a secured enclave that is located on the banks of the River Pasig and is characterized by antiquated buildings and structures. The Intramuros is one of the most visited tourist spots in Manila and is filled with convention centers, parks, bars, shopping malls and a lot of other exciting hangouts.

The next stop is the Rizal Park. This park was made a public park to commemorate the martyrdom of Filipino national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal who was shot at this very spot. This park has a lot of open space and is one of the largest parks is South Asia. It is dotted with various art galleries, plazas and beautiful ponds.

Stop three is the National Museum of Philippines. When you are visiting a country, it would be wise to know all about its history and culture so that you can combat all the sardonic questions posed to you by your jealous relatives and friends. The National Museum of Philippines is your one stop guide to knowing the who is who and what is what of Philippines and Manila. This Museum has different sections dedicated to zoology, archaeology, botany and even anthropology. Also, do not forget to check the section on ancient human remains. It will blow you out of your mind!

If you are interested in royal oriental architecture, then you must visit the stunning Malacanan Palace. This palace has been the seat of Filipino political power since the 18th century and is the residence of the Filipino head of state. The palace has been built along the Pasig River and exhibits various artifacts in its halls and public rooms.

You can complete your quick Manila tour by visiting the Manila Cathedral. This cathedral signifies Philippines’ strength and determination. This church has been destroyed five times, the first four times by earthquakes and the fifth time in 1945 by a bombing during the Manila Liberation Movement. After each deconstruction, the cathedral was carefully reconstructed and it still contains a few of the stone carvings and rosette windows that have been recovered from the ruins.

A vacation in Manila is very much recommended for the young who are upbeat and the old who like life when it is at its rhythmic best. So visit Manila- the paradise for all.

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