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Pillows Review: The Top 5 Pillows For Elderly People

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Pillows Review: The Top 5 Pillows For Elderly People

In our younger years we used to believe we are forever young and we can do almost everything that we want. We can keep awake until wee hours in the morning and still be hyper hours after, even deprived of sleep. As we age, the things we do are limited. Our body parts and organs begin to deteriorate, our joints stiffen, our energy dissipates and we get sickly more often.

As we grow older, every system in our body weakens making us susceptible to diseases that often lead to serious health risks. We often hear people proclaiming and admitting fully that they’re already old when they begin experiencing body aches due to swollen or stiffen joints. Elderly people begin losing their joints’ mobility and flexibility thus resulting to numbness, weakness and headache. This is often experience when waking up.

Sleep is a big factor contributing to each person’s health. Elderly people cannot move as much as they used to as their bodies are not as flexible as before. They tend to sleep in a certain position all night long with less movement. Prolong period of staying in the same position would cause body ache, numbness, dizziness and at times headache more so with older people.

It is important for elderly people to use the right pillow to keep their head and spinal column in correct alignment and prevent body aches from recurring. Fluffy and squishy pillows may not provide the comfort the oldies need. There are plenty of pillows invented and available in the market made especially for elderly people.

Here are the top 5 pillows for elderly pillow:

Contour Cervical Pillow

Contour Cervical Pillow provides therapeutic sleep and ideal spinal alignment. It is designed to reduce discomfort in the head, neck, shoulder and back. It comes with a soft polyester and rayon cover that is removable and washable. This pillow is perfect for elderly people who are sensitive to allergens and dust mites.

Lumbar Cushions

Soft Lumbar Cushions are made of thermo-sensitive foam that provides even temperature to your back. Relieve yourself from lower and mid back pain with use of this pillow. It comes with a strap that you may attach this product permanently to your furniture. The cushion comes with removable antimicrobial velour cover that ensures easy maintenance and protection from allergens. It’s of the right size to be carried on a plane, car and virtually anywhere.

Memory Foam Knee Cushion

Memory foam knee cushion are very functional with 2 uses. While sleeping on your side, it can be placed between your knees to relieve hip and lower back pain. Another use is to unfold the pads and place them behind your knees while lying on your back to support your legs. It comes with soft velour cover that is machine washable.

Leg Spacer

Leg Spacer are shaped like an hourglass that fits comfortably between your legs and moves with you as you sleep. It relieves strain and pressure off your lower back, knees and ankles. You may choose between standard and petite sizes. Whatever your preference may be, this pillow comes with cover too.

Memory travel pillows are the perfect pillow of choice by elderly people with special sleeping or resting needs. The U-shaped pillow is made with 100% viscoelastic foam that provides maximum comfort and optimum support around the neck. It is great for travelling and for sleeping while on sitting position. It comes with plush velour cover.

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