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Plan a Scenic Road Trip

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Plan a Scenic Road Trip

Air travel has been increasingly becoming more of a hassle, requiring you to be there a couple hours in advance, passing through long and invasive security measures, and nickel and diming you for unexpected fees. Sometimes you may have no other choice that fits your schedule and budget, but if your flight is just a couple hours away, consider a road trip instead.

Planning a road trip is not that hard today as there are many resources available to help you plan your trip. You may remember your parents planning road trips by purchasing maps and their frustration of never folding that map the same way it came, but today, our GPS devices and smartphones can make a lot of that much easier.

To plan your road trip, first start by picking your starting and ending location. By planning this route first, you will see how long of a drive it is. Be sure to add some time to the estimate since you will want to stop to rest, refuel, enjoy the scenery, and avoid costly speeding tickets.

Once you have a good idea of how long your trip will take, consider adding some cities or places of interest that you want to visit on your way. For example, if you are driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco, you may wish to stop in Monterrey, visit Hearst Castle or at one of the many beaches along the route. When adding such stops, make sure that you budget enough time for that stop and really try to stick with that plan.

If the trip is longer than six to eight hours, consider booking a hotel and doing the trip in a couple days. Part of getting to your destination safe and sound is by ensuring that you are well rested so make sure you take frequent stops.

Many of the tools out there on the Internet are aimed towards getting you to your destination as fast as possible, ignoring some of the scenic beauty that the world has around us. If your route passes near a a National Park or scenic byway, be sure to explore. The National Parks preserve the United States as it once was, making them rare treasures in our expanding world. The Scenic Byways originally started as roads identified by the Forest Service Employees as beautiful scenic drives, and today has expanded into both State and National programs which protects both historic and scenic roads.

For your next vacation, take the scenic route and explore the world’s natural beauty. A great way to learn about such scenic routes is to use tools like myscenicdrives.com, a fun and easy way to find both classic and new adventures.

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