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Public Erections – How to Hide the Bulge

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Public Erections – How to Hide the Bulge

It’s happened to nearly every man: He’s innocently strolling along the street, sitting in class or hanging with a group of friends when, suddenly, his pecker perks up. Public erections can occur from a sensual thought, a stimulating object or person in a man’s visual field or just plain out of nowhere. Men can seek solace in the fact that frequent erections are a sign of good penis health; however, they’re also a phenomenon that requires management techniques when in public. The following tips will help men deal when sporting wood in social settings.

1) Hold it down.

A man can shroud his unwanted boner by placing his hand in his pocket and holding it down. When seated, he can slip one hand in a pocket, move his erection down with his thumb and hold it against his thigh. When standing, it’s a good idea to put both hands in the pockets and use one hand to press the erection against the stomach. The hand will explain the bulge, and the excited member beneath will be much less (if at all) noticeable.

2) Pin it down.

If a man is in a situation where he can sneak off to a bathroom or other private place, he should do so when he feels the erection coming on and tuck it into the waistline of his pants. This will pin it to the stomach. This technique works especially well paired with a long shirt.

3) Wear long shirts.

Shirts that extend over the crotch make erections less noticeable from the get-go.

4) Wear loose pants.

Skin-tight pants leave no room, so to speak, for concealment. Looser pants such as khakis give you a leg up when your penis is up.

5) Get resourceful with nearby objects.

Have a jacket nearby? Or perhaps a backpack or briefcase? Holding a jacket casually in front of one’s crotch is not suspicious. Backpacks and briefcases are even better – a man can place them on a nearby table, face them and pretend to search through the contents. Or, he can take a seat, place his bag or case on his lap and rummage.

6) Sit down.

It’s harder to notice a boner when a man is sitting down. He can further conceal the bulge by leaning forward, crossing his legs and placing his shirt over it.

7) Go for a stroll.

Erections occur when blood rushes into the penis. Diverting blood away from it, then, can help not only hide but deflate the erection. When a man walks, his body sends blood to his legs and away from the groin. It’s a good idea to tuck the wood into the waistline or hold it down with the abovementioned pocket technique as one embarks on this step.

8) Do some math.

Distracting oneself can help resolve an erection that has occurred due to a sexy thought or sight. Most people find math to be pretty dry – doing some mental math might help the body realize it’s not in a sexy situation. Along this vein, men can think of something else completely non-sensual to them; some even purposely think of something that worries them – an upcoming deadline, financial responsibilities – to calm down all sexual excitement. Stress is generally bad for us, but in a public boner situation, a moment of worry can spare a man embarrassment.

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