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Puerto Rico Travel Experiences and Attractions

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Puerto Rico Travel Experiences and Attractions

Finding the right travel agent in Puerto Rico is an essential part of preparing a trip to this beautiful country. A professional travel agent can be of great help in issuing a visa, arranging air flights and many more elements of a smooth journey.

In Puerto Rico, there are many places worth visiting. Arecibo Observatory, the Gulf of Mosquito Bay, Vieques Island are among the most popular attractions of the country. The capital city of San Juan is justly considered one of the most interesting historic places of Puerto Rico. The city is famous for its colonial past. Across the north side of Old San Juan, there stretch stone walls, forming a strong defensive system. The remains of defensive structures are still well preserved, including the fragments of the city walls and El Morro and San Cristobal shafts that give a hint about the original grandeur of this castle. Even now, Old San Juan seems young and well-preserved, despite the fact that the capital will soon celebrate its 500th anniversary.

The capital of the country is decorated with one of the most impressive religious monuments on the island, the Cathedral of San Juan, a genuine and rare example of medieval architecture. Ponce, the second largest city in Puerto Rico, is also very interesting due to the charming atmosphere of a rich colonial city. There is a beautiful historic area, decorated with the houses of the old architecture and an elegant church, painted in the Spanish style, as well as the characteristic stone fountains.

Ionospheric Observatory in Arecibo is one of the most important experimental centers, and here is the largest radio telescope in the world. Funded by the University of Cornwall and the U.S. government, it used to search for extraterrestrial life. In addition, tourists here are attracted to the first-class museum of science and space, located right under the impressive dish telescope.

The Castle Castillo de San Felipe del Morro is one of the most recognizable sights of Old San Juan. Construction of the fort began in 1539 at the entrance to the bay of San Juan and was completed only in 1589. The fort was used as the basis for the protection of the bay of San Juan. El Moro remained an important military base for a long time until the Second World War, when there was built an American military bunker. Then the castle and its surroundings were declared a National Park and a World Heritage Site.

The second largest island of Puerto Rico, Vieques, is located to the west of the main island and belongs to the Virgin Islands. Unique coves and beaches of the island make it a great place for diving, snorkeling or simply walking in a rowboat. Due to its geographical position and the climate, the bay of Vieques is one of the most bioluminescent bays in the world.

The National Reserve of El Yunque is also known as ‘The Anvil’. It is one of the largest reserves of tropical forests, preserving intact primeval nature of Puerto Rico. The reserve is located in a two-hour drive from San Juan. Here you can walk through the rainforest trails, go to a waterfall and just relax in the pristine nature.

Culebrita Island is located on the north-west of Puerto Rico. Culebrita is a small coral island, which extends for only 1 mile in length. The beaches of the island, and especially Flamenco Beach, are attractive to tourists. The white sandy beaches are washed by clear water with a blue tint, which creates the image of a tropical paradise. One of the main attractions of the island is Playa Tortuga. The beach is named after the sea turtles that use its sands for laying their eggs.

The most famous caves of Puerto Rico are Rio Camuy Caves, some of the largest cave systems of the Western Hemisphere and the third cave system in the world. The caves are located in Camuy Park and are available for weekly night tours. The park is equipped with picnic areas, walking trails, tourist locomotive and a gift shop.

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