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Sights and Attractions of Luanda, Angola for Tourists

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Sights and Attractions of Luanda, Angola for Tourists

As a premier travel destination, Luanda, Angola is famous for its shopping, cultural diversity and spectacular scenery. It is an excellent place to stroll, picnic, and explore a number of free tourist attractions. Attractions like several restaurants, pubs, cinema complexes, historical monuments and structures are world famous. However, Luanda also offers activities for travellers who want something beyond the usual tourist experience. The scenery and photography of Luanda is breathtaking and it’s well worth spending the time to take a trip to the outlying region. This article describes some popular attractions that readers may or may not find in conventional tour guides for Luanda: Kissama game park, national monument, us embassy, province of Mussulo and many others.

National monument

It is a big tower situated to the south west of Luanda. A wealth of the museums surround the national monument, all free to the public. Each of these museums takes days to fully explore. From art to science, these museums offer something for every interest and age group and are an essential stop on any trip to the national monument.


When you step into Mussulo, an island just a few distance away from Luanda, you notice something unusual right away. The Angolan national bank, the landmark building of Luanda, is situated at the city in the water front “Marginal”. This building is worth watching!

Kissama Park

The Kissama park is a huge game reserve located to the south Luanda. It is an extraordinary spectacle to experience. Its exhilarating safari rides, extravagant visual displays, and elephants and many other animals can quickly overload the senses. If you have a day or even a half day with no plans and want to enjoy the beauty of its southern area, step off the strip for a bit and renew your spirit whilst taking unique photos of Luanda.

US embassy

The US Embassy in Luanda provides a wealth of consular support for American citizens as well as immigration services for Luanda citizens who are planning to relocate to America. It is a structure located on the top of hill. It took 8 years for this building to be completed. The embassy is provided with all the latest high tech gadgets and communication devices.

Luanda as a tourist destination is perfect in many ways. Most importantly, it’s convenient. Vacationers will enjoy visiting the culturally diverse and historically significant sites Luanda offers up while at the same time enjoying the comforts of modern amenities. A wide range of activities are on tap, including visits to the historical buildings. A fascinating peek into history is available making this investment in Angola attractive for the soul.

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