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Ski Trip Fun: The Pros of Snowboard Racing

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Ski Trip Fun: The Pros of Snowboard Racing

There are numerous ways to enjoy your ski trip with your friends. Your reasons for going to a winter vacation pretty much determines your preference. If you wish to visit ski resort in order to relax and get your mind off things, you can opt for various ways to enjoy your stay in a ski chalet or stroll around the vicinity. But some people move away from the boring pedestrian life of the city for action. Proactive vacation involving a great deal of high velocity downward snow rides could come in several varieties. And there are a number of reasons why snowboard racing is just as good an option to satisfy your adrenaline craving:

Respect for skill calls for less argument

Unlike most precision-based sports, snowboard racing has a lesser emphasis on victory via skill. For the most part, weight plays a larger role in the downhill velocity of the snowboarder. After all, gravity is the primary force that goes against the friction caused by the snow on the crest. A lightweight snowboarder can generate less friction, thus have a lower velocity. Thus, if one would be credited for his or her skill in back-flipping or leaping off the frosted outcropping, that attribute wouldn’t be taken away from him or her. It makes a pleasant night time conversation at night during Apres Ski Fest.

You can choose a less competitive format

In case pitting each player’s speed could cause a rift in the pleasant relations of highly competitive co-travelers, then it is best to hold a snowboard racing based on time record-breaking format. It brings self-satisfaction and can develop higher sense of discipline. After all, you only get to compete with yourself several times in a row.

Snowboard racing is relatively easier to arrange

Another compelling advantage in snowboard racing is that it does not pose an inconvenience for authorities in the ski resort. Every ski vacation destination does its own landscaping. The dynamics of snowboard racing is relatively easy and flexible to any theme the ski resort is advertising. You can have fun regardless of how the maintenance staff trims the glaciers.

You can repeat and tally several trials

Snowboard racing is relatively convenient to arrange. Furthermore, you can always suggest going several rounds up to one’s satisfaction. This is most especially true to those who opt for time-based format in contrast to group competition. Ultimately, snowboard racing makes every ski trip positively memorable.

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