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Smart Ways To Optimize Your Travel This Year – 2017

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Smart Ways To Optimize Your Travel This Year – 2017

Are you thinking about embracing your wanderlust this summer season? If you have marked your destination spot on the map and have laid down your travel plan then now is the time when you should think about making this trip worthwhile and plan smartly to gain a more satiating and pleasurable experience and minimize the fuss that tags along with travel.

Below are five point checklist for, you to go through before you zip those bags and untangle a lot of confusion along the way.

Travel-Friendly Credit Cards

The minute you start you off grid adventure you are always thinking about is shopping! The only downside of shopping in a foreign land other than the exchange rate is foreign transaction fee that is incurred every time you shop via your credit card. Remember your Amex and Discover Cards won’t be accepted everywhere. Apply for a VISA or Mastercard as they are your best travel buds with an almost 100% acceptance globally and zero foreign transaction fee!

You can also check out the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card that offers easy travel redemption or a Bank America Travel Rewards Credit Card that has no annual fee to save some bucks!

Travel Gear

If you tend to hit the road, frequently it is advised that you pack some savvy travel accessories to avoid comic misadventures and misfortunes along the way. My three top picks are

a) A passport cover to secure and organize you multiple boarding passes in one place.

b) Carry at least two universal adaptors! Do not expect a two prong plug just anywhere! Nothing is worse than ending up with your beloved Apple gadgets with no battery.

c) Six Foot Long iPhone charger. The original Apple cords are not reliable in my opinion, bend them a little, and they are useless. Invest in a good six-foot long one that comes in a number of colors to match your taste and are a bit sturdy that makes them travel-friendly. Not to mention that most of the hotel rooms and hallways have unlikely locations for outlets which mean that you just might have to stand next to the bathroom door to charge your phone for the next 20 minutes!

d) Neck Pillows are an absolute must have. They provide neck, head and shoulder support while you sleep during long flight hours.

Travel-Friendly Apps

I have a six feet long list of apps that one needs to download on their smartphones before travelling abroad, but the only thing that limits us is the storage capacity!

My three most favorite apps are:

a) Google Maps for displaying the best and shortest possible routes to your tourist attraction

b) TripSee acts like a personal assistant and a virtual travel guide that organizes your travel schedules and recommends best tourist attractions.

c) TravelStoke is another app that supports you the best places to visit based on the reviews by fellow travelers around the globe!

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