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South Extension in Delhi

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South Extension in Delhi

South Extension is situated on ring road, in Southern part of Delhi. South Ex is neighborhood of South Delhi. South Ex is divided into two parts namely, South Ext I and South Ext II. This is the best market for international shopping experience. This area is busy during Sundays and remains closed on Mondays. Tourists can watch common people carrying out their daily activities. Compared to other places, stuffs are costlier.

It takes around 45 mins from Nizamuddin railway station and one hour from New Delhi railway station to reach South Extension. This place is bliss for Delhi’s cash flush teenagers. If you are visiting Delhi, then market of South Extension is a must visit.

Situated on the east of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, is well~known as SouthEx among locals of Delhi. The market is famous for branded and priced designer stuffs. Here you can find everything from cell phones to books to purchase, but the prices are higher than other places. On the roadside you can find shoe shiners in aquarium and traditional Indian bhel puri and golgappe stands. Here you can find best footwear to quality clothes, but at little higher price than other places.

Greater Kailash and Defense Colony are the two main localities of South Extension. This market is like paradise for teenagers, as this place is highly esteemed and famous for expensive designer collections and branded fabrics.

South Ex I, has many branded clothing, music stores and restaurants.

Bengali Sweet Market Centre- Restaurant cum sweet shop

Teksons Bookshop- One stop shop for all types of books. http://www.teksonsbooks.com

Mango- Famous for Spanish clothing

Tanishq- Famous for exquisite jewelry,

BG’s – For designer fashion jewelry,

Mehrasons Jewellery Store- Famous for unique designed jewelry

Benetton store- It’s a huge three storied building containing all types of Benetton products

Tommy Hilfiger- Variety of clothes from famous brand Tommy Hilfiger

Sehgal Bros.- Casual, Formal and Western Clothing for baby, girls, men and women’s.

Nike- Variety of T-shirts and shoes from Nike.

Nalli Sarees – For women who are looking out for some designer saris, this is a one stop shop.

Here you can also find departmental stores like Ebony, Big Jos, Hopps etc.

South Ex II – Here you can find Delhi’s people’s organizations like Intercultural Resources and donors like Action Aid. Other than shopping you are in a mood of doing something different and want to chill out, then South Extension has some clubs, discotheques and restro-bars. Where you can eat, drink and enjoy.

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