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SwissGear Blue Computer Backpack: A Definitive Review

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SwissGear Blue Computer Backpack: A Definitive Review

Laptops are very valuable devices that need to be taken good care of, or else you would be weeping due to the breakdown or damage of such an expensive and important gadget. If you give high regard to your laptop and you want to provide the best protection for it, the SwissGear Blue Computer Backpack is what I have to offer you. Actually, I have one and I want to share the many great features of this bag that makes me very satisfied in using it. So if you’re interested, keep reading to find out exactly what makes this bag something to talk about.


I love all things blue, and when I saw this bag I just had to get it. But I’m not as easily moved by color as that. When I saw the features of this bag, it made me finalize my decision and I knew I didn’t make a mistake in doing so. The bag isn’t just a big piece of artwork that keeps my laptop safe and snug inside, but it’s also very light which makes it good for carrying heavy loads. Unlike other models that are already a load for the user, this model only weighs 2.6 pounds, making a huge difference in the weight of the overall baggage. Its dimensions are 8” x 13” x 18”, and the spacious interior accommodates a lot of important equipment for everyday use. The bag is designed to carry laptops up to 15”.

The bag has four compartments. The smallest one at the front is where you can keep essential small items which you use often like USB flash drives and ball pens, so you don’t have to dig in the bag to find these tiny objects. But the second compartment has an organizer where you can keep important items and office supplies like ball pens, keys, your cell phone, and other small things that you need kept organized and safe. The third compartment is spacious and is fit for carrying textbooks, notebooks, paperwork, and other documents. The fourth compartment is where you keep your laptop. It has a laptop pocket with strap to keep your device snug and safe, protected against external forces like accidental falls and turbulence. The padded pocket provides extra comfort and snug fit for your laptop so you wouldn’t have to worry about other items in the bag squeezing or damaging your device.

The material used for this backpack is 1682 denier ballistic nylon which makes it extremely durable. If you use it properly, the bag can last for several years and withstand all forms of contact and weathering.


Being entirely blue on the front and shoulder straps, this bag makes a good statement. It’s also very neutral and anyone of any age and gender can use it comfortably. The denim blue fabric has a good aesthetic quality, and the black back adds to the entire bag’s excellent appearance. Although stains may show, the bag is washable so you can clean it anytime you want.

Other Features

The design of this bag makes it excellent for long-term use. The padded shoulder straps distribute weight evenly which makes it more comfortable for you to carry it even with a full load. The back padding has an airflow system which gives breathability to the fabric, preventing you from accumulating heat on your back and adding comfort for your use. There are two elastic mesh water bottle pockets where you can keep your beverages, eliminating the need to squeeze in water bottles in the full compartments and risking the hazard of your things getting wet. The interior pocket in the third compartment also has a gusseted fabric for extra space and easier keeping of files.


I don’t know about you, but I love this bag, and so far I have been able to get the most out of it with my daily exploits and various trips with my laptop. It definitely keeps my laptop safe and protected, and I’m not afraid to bring my gadget to different places because I know it’s secure with the SwissGear Blue Computer Backpack. So if you want to experience the satisfaction that I’m sharing with you right now, better get this bag. It might be a little more expensive than other models or brands, but I’ll tell you, it’s definitely worth every penny.

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