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Tailormade Wildlife Holidays to See The Big Five of Brazil

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Tailormade Wildlife Holidays to See The Big Five of Brazil

Tailormade wildlife holidays to Brazil take wildlife enthusiasts to the heartland of South America and give them the chance to see the five most iconic mammal species of the continent: Jaguar, Giant River Otter, Brazilian Tapir, Giant Anteater and Maned Wolf. Under the guidance of expert naturalists, wildlife enthusiasts will visit two of the most spectacular wildernesses of Brazil: the dry tropical forests in the remote Parnaíba Headwaters National Park, and the world-renowned wetlands of the Pantanal.


For many mammal-watching enthusiasts, the Jaguar will be the highlight of tailormade wildlife holidays to Brazil. To see it, enthusiasts must step aboard the Jaguar Flotel, a floating hotel on the Tres Irmãos River in the heart of the ‘Jaguar Zone’ of the Pantanal. Early morning and late afternoon searches in radio-equipped boats along the vast network of river channels will optimise the chances of a sighting. Jaguars dwell in the forest, hunting Capybara, Caimans and more, but they enjoy resting on the riverbanks – making a river approach undeniably the finest.

Giant River Otter

The Giant River Otter is a sociable and fierce predator, often found in familial groups of up to eight individuals. It is the most vocal otter species, which makes searching for it along the river channels of the Pantanal a touch easier.

Brazilian Tapir

The Brazilian Tapir is one of the largest land mammals of South America. The best chance of a Brazilian Tapir sighting is by night in the Pantanal. By day it is shy and elusive, but at night it emerges from the hidden depths of the forest to feast on the fruiting trees, wallow in mud by the road or wander through the mosaic of habitats around the lodges where tours will be based. Night drives offer the highest incidence of Brazilian Tapir encounters.

Giant Anteater

The Giant Anteater is a large insectivorous mammal native to South America. Unlike other anteaters and sloths (with which anteaters are classified), which are arboreal or semi-arboreal, the Giant Anteater is mostly terrestrial. The open grasslands of the Pantanal are the most promising area to search for the Giant Anteater. Enthusiasts who sight it on such tailormade wildlife holidays often remark that it is both awe-inspiring and amusing.

Maned Wolf

The Maned Wolf is the largest canid of South America, with russet fur and black legs, snout and back, standing at over three feet at its shoulder. In the stunning 1.7 million acres of Parnaíba Headwaters National Park, enthusiasts on tailormade wildlife holidays will stay at Wolf Cliffs Camp and Wolf Valley Camp for a chance to observe the Maned Wolf in the wild, along with other beautiful species including the Hyacinth Macaw. After years of protection, several pairs of Maned Wolves have become accustomed to the human presence at Wolf Cliffs Camp; they pass close to it at dawn and dusk in search of birds, rodents and wild fruits, presenting a fantastic opportunity for sightings.

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