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The 5 Best Fishing Places in the US

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The 5 Best Fishing Places in the US

For a true angler, a pot-hole filled with water is a temptation. We’re willing to try out any body of water in the hopes of landing the big one. Even so, we also want a chance to fish the hottest areas with the best fishing. Following are the five locations that promise every fishing trip will be a dream for the real fishermen among us.

5) On our list of the best fishing places in the US, Montauk Point weighs in at number 5. Montauk Point is the home of New York’s oldest lighthouse. Located on Long Island, Montauk Point offers some of the best and most varied surfcasting available anywhere.

Fish caught there: Marlin, Mackerel, Sharks, Cod, Weakfish, Tuna, and Striped Bass

4) Yellowstone National Park is the second of the best fishing places in the US. This national park, located in Wyoming, is world renowned as the home of the geyser ‘Old Faithful’ and is a destination for millions of vacationing families each year. What is lesser known is that Yellowstone (and the region around it) is home to some of the greatest Trout fishing an angler could imagine. From the stocked streams within the park, to the many streams and rivers in the area containing trophy-level wild Trout, Yellowstone should be on any ‘Fishing Across America’ tour.

Fish caught there: Trout

3) Our rundown of the best fishing places in the US continues with Key West. Located in Florida, Key West is the wonderful area Ernest Hemingway (American Nobel Laureate) chose to call home in the 1930’s. Along with all the family amenities a tourist could expect, Key West boasts the kind of salt water fishing excitement that could tempt us all to pull up our roots and move there.

Fish caught there: Tarpon, Bonefish

2) The next of the best fishing places in the US is the Ozark Mountains area. Located in Missouri, the Ozark Mountains area is one of the truly relaxed vacation areas in the US. This area is one where you take things at your own pace and unwind from the day to day stresses of life. Abounding with fishable rivers, the Ozark Mountains area is somewhere an angler can hop in a canoe and discover paradise.

Fish caught there: Smallmouth Bass

1) Finally, coming in number one on our list of the best fishing places in the US is the Outer Banks. Located on the coast of North Carolina, the Outer Banks is the perfect ‘back to nature’ vacation spot for a family or a fisherman looking to pull in as many fish as he can handle. What makes the Outer Banks such a special fishing place is that it is located along migration routes for monster schools of fish. During the month of November, the Outer Banks offers what is probably the most active, exciting fishing anywhere in the world.

Fish caught there: Albacore

Every angler has a mental list of dream fishing trips. These locations, the best fishing places in the US should be on every fisherman’s list.

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