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The Development of Tourism in Equatorial Guinea

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The Development of Tourism in Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is a small country in the Western part of Africa. It makes up for its relatively small size with its rich vegetation and the beautiful picturesque scenery that is abundant across this amazing country.

The tropical forests and snow capped mountains add to the beauty of the place. It attracts tourists from all corners of the world to this country full of culture and breathtaking scenery.

The capital city is Malabo, which is in the Bioko Island, overlooking the gigantic volcano referred as Pico Malabo Volcano. It is a Spanish colonial town, that is filled with lively friendly people, and lovely flora and fauna, each coexisting in harmony.

The neighboring town of Luba, is about an hour’s drive away. It has some of the world’s best white beaches and sights that will take your breath away. Bata, the main town in this area has some of the best beaches in this side of the world. Mbini is a must see destination with tourists amazed by its beauty.

The Bioko islands are filled with hills and mountains that are becoming more and more popular with tourists. Many come here looking for adventure and find that the challenge of climbing and exploring these mountains is unlike any other experience in the world.

There are plenty of hiking trails, which are led by guides who are familiar with the tropical forests and the rough terrain around the area. If you are lucky enough to get a permit from the government you are able to get up close to the Pico Malabo volcano.

Monte Alen national park is a national preserve that is a well kept secret in Equatorial Guinea. It consists of nearly 1400 square kilometers of stunning scenery, with an abundance of wildlife and natural habitation.

Visitors can walk along the trail within the national park, spot the evasive Gorillas or maybe the crocodiles lurking about in the ponds. There are also varied species of African elephant, lions and other wildlife. Since the place is like a desert, it could gets very hot and so it is advisable to carry enough water and be prepared for long walks.

Ureca is another popular tourist destination. This is where the turtles come on to the shore to lay their eggs. Though there aren’t many cottages or canopies for visitors to lounge in, it does have a few guest houses where tourists can spend a day or two, hiking in the jungles nearby or just soaking in the sun.

Unlike other beaches around the world, the sand here is pristine white, and so smooth, that it will flow through your hands like silk.

If you drive down a few hundred kilometers you will reach the beautiful gulf of Guinea. It stretches all the way to the Pacific Ocean and so one gets to witness not just one but two oceans coming together.

It is little wonder that Equatorial Guinea is growing in popularity each year as a tourist destination. It is a beautiful unspoilt country that leaves a lasting impression on those tourists lucky enough to have visited it.

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