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The Development of Tourism in Eritrea

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The Development of Tourism in Eritrea

Eritrea is a country that was part of East Africa only gained its independence in 1962. Today, it is bordered by Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti, but also shares the coastal line with Red Sea all through.

It is country that differs from its neighbors in the fact that it is made up of a series of states.Here, there are regions, known as Zobas and they are divided into districts or sub zobas. Each of them have their own governing body, which controls all issues in the zoba.

When visiting Eritrea you should make time and see Dankalia. This strip of land between Djibouti and Massawa runs along the stunning coastline. Along the way, you will see vast volcanic deserts that are barren areas with nothing but the mountains to keep you company.

A sight to not be missed, Dankalia is also known as the hottest place on earth. It is the perfect location for those who love exploring unexplored terrain. You must however be well prepared with plenty of provisions and water as this is a very unforgiving natural environment if you are caught out.

Massawa Island is said to be the most interesting place in the whole of Eritrea. It is full of a diverse range of local architecture and life is lead at a slow peaceful pace. There is also has a port, which has been preserved and still looks the same as it did several hundred years ago.

The architecture has traces of Egyptian, Turkish and even Italian influences. The tall buildings, workmanship, and the styles of all the buildings will have you wondering if you have stumbled into paradise itself. Some of these buildings have been built using coral rock and have windows with wooden screens in them, which can be seen all across the island.

During the times of Aksumite Kingdom, Qohaita was filled with walls and forts from the town of Koloe. The remains in the city are proof enough of what a rich history it has, and how it had Royal blood flowing through the streets many years ago. It takes a visitor nearly all day to look around the town, and at the ruins that have been excavated, most of which still remain buried and hidden.

You can take a walk away from Qohaita to reach the edge of the canyon and when there you will be amazed by the sheer scale. There are some fascinating rock sites near Qohaita, like the Adi alauti caves, each with over 100 figures painted within their walls.

Hamm is like a scene out of a desert movie with wide stretches of land with nothing but a lone tree waving in the breeze and a mountain sitting all alone. That is how beautiful Hamm is, and it is enroute to the monastery which is situated near the Ethiopian border.

From Keren, it takes about 2 hours to reach Maryam Dearit, the shrine or the Madonna of Baobab as it is referred to locally. A festival takes place every year which is attended by millions of people who come to take Mary’s blessings

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