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The Hypnotic Effect of the Negril Sunset

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The Hypnotic Effect of the Negril Sunset

Throughout the years Jamaica has welcomed many visitors who have captured and cherished many fantastic moments. In some instances these beautiful moments are captured in photos, short video clips or just in ones own memory. This is a country that has boundless natural beauty beyond ones imagination; it portrays a compilation of all the things the tropic has to offer.

It is difficult to deny the magnificence of the numerous majestic waterfalls that adorn the Jamaican landscape. These cascading beauties, especially the Dunn’s River Falls have enhanced vacations spent in Jamaica immensely. They have paved the way for ecotourism and ensured that Jamaica is not only a place of fine beaches and sun but also a holistic holiday hub.

The Negril sunset is one of the many nontraditional attractions that linger in the minds of all who witnessed it. Surely no one goes to Jamaica only to see a sunset; however, it makes a great treat while you are there. It is a hidden additional value that is included in the package.

The photos are countless, the accolades keep pouring in and the audience keeps growing. So famous is this spectacular sunset that it seems almost like a ritual for visitors and locals. In fact, just as how the vacationers look forward to seeing the sun out in all its glory, the same enthusiasm is shown for the sunset in Negril.

Negril is situated on the western end of Jamaica which is the as far west one can go in Jamaica. The very end is consists of mainly cliffs which are few meters above the azure blue Caribbean waters. The setting here is gorgeous complimented by trade wind that blows from east to west. The wind also plays an important role by pushing the clouds to the west in the direction where the sun sets.

The formation of clouds enhances greatly this spectacular view with the ever changing look every few seconds. The Caribbean is not known to be heavily polluted and so the colors of this grand spectacular range from golden yellow to light orange. Sunset colors are determined by the amount of dust in the atmosphere, less pollution means the red hue will be less intense.

Jamaica is situated very close to the equator which means that there isn’t a big time difference between summer and winter sunsets which ranges from 5:30pm in December to 6:47 in July. If you will be in the Negril area this is a must see. It is quite a humbling experience to watch the sun going down under the serene Caribbean Sea with an audience that is totally mesmerized by the brilliance.

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