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The Overlooked Importance of Private Ambulance Services

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The Overlooked Importance of Private Ambulance Services

We are surrounded by things we take for granted every day; things that we would never miss until they’re gone. Both big things (electricity, the internet) and small things (light switches, selection of food). Take away any of these things and we would see massive changes in our lifestyle and quality of living.

The same logic holds true with private ambulance services. Most of them do their job so well nobody even stops to think if the ambulance they see responding to an emergency is public or privately owned. All that matters is that injured people are taken care of. That’s it.

Event Standby

If there were no private ambulance services in big events then people getting hurt or even dying would be more common in the evening news. This is already the case in some developing countries that don’t have emergency response teams that work as efficiently as ours; having emergency services on standby is a necessity and luxury we often take for granted. Having public ambulances on standby in these events drains precious resources and manpower that are already limited as it is.

Every time you have a big crowd of people gather in a certain area the likelihood of an accident or medical emergency coming about increases every second the event goes on. This isn’t even taking into account things like alcohol, arguments, and misunderstandings all of which are common things in sports centers.

Private ambulance teams are staffed with highly trained medical personnel who can apply on the spot treatment for any accidents or injuries that may occur. A heart attack, for example, is quickly remedied by fast response. Late treatments for such things prove fatal.

Patient Transport

If you don’t have any sickly relatives or friends with debilitating conditions, than you probably aren’t aware of the difficulty a simple thing like getting from one place to another is. Private ambulances take care of this need. Unless we suddenly have a dramatic increase in public ambulances, they would never respond to calls for transporting people in non-emergency situations. Of course you can’t blame them, they have more pressing matters to attend to.

Private ambulance services usually focus on patient comfort rather than urgency so dignity, care, and security are kept in check. Having your choice of which hospital you’d prefer to go to is also a massive advantage that public ambulances cannot afford as they focus on handling one emergency and going over to the next. “Stressful” barely begins to describe the type of work they deal with.

Backup and Support

During extreme widespread emergency situations, it’s common for emergency lines to be flooded with calls, overwhelming the public ambulance teams. In most cities and municipalities, private ambulance services are under contract to provide backup and support to the public ambulances in order maintain control and establish command in emergency situations.

Without the private ambulances providing support, control will be harder to establish in a crisis and it will take more time to stabalize the already vulnerable situation. In most of these major emergency situations, every second is precious and even the shortest delays can mean the difference between life and death. These are seconds that the extra man power of a private ambulance can provide.

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