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The Top Five African Safari Destinations!

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The Top Five African Safari Destinations!

Going on African safari would be the adventure of a lifetime for many. Africa, despite it’s political unrest and problems over the last century is still a mysterious and beautiful part of the planet and to see it once will provide lifetime memories. But what part of Africa do you want to see?

The great thing about African safaris is you can choose from either a limited number of destinations to visit or depending on your budget, can see it all from top to bottom. So what are the most popular African safari destinations?


The Serengeti is a great year round destination. Tanzania has plenty of attractions but it’s the Serengeti which provides Africa in all it’s glory. Big cat lovers won’t be disappointed whether it’s lions, leopards or cheetahs you want to see but there is a multitude of wildlife on offer in this special part of the world.

Okavango Delta

Remember the “Jungle Jim” adventures. When you visit the Okavango Delta you’ll feel like you are in another world. Why? This virtually untouched and untamed part of Africa provides safari lovers with just about everything they have dreamed of about deep and darkest Africa. From fauna to flora to water, the Okavango Delta has it all and quite literally, could satisfy all your safari requirements.

Kruger National Park

South Africa’s Kruger National Park is a vast and spectacular piece of real estate. Wildlife abounds here but the great thing about this part of Africa is the variety it offers visitors. It’s just about everyone’s favorite African safari destination as there are endless types of safaris you can choose from. Whether you want to take a self-drive safari or a walking safari; or maybe get off the beaten track a little, Kruger National Park can provide the setting. Kruger has many well organised safari options and is an ideal destination for the whole family.

Masai Mara

Like the Serengeti, Kenya’s Masai Mara is teeming with wildlife. Even better still, it has it’s own unique appearance. The migration of wild beast during the second half of the year from the Serengeti could just about make “the wonders of the world” list and many veteran African safari seekers will make more than one trip to this part of Africa just to witness this spectacle.

Victoria Falls

Visiting Victoria Falls is like viewing a part of Heaven. The fact it’s such a spectacular viewing experience is one thing but the more adventurous of us have the opportunity to try activities of a more daring nature. Victoria Falls combines everything nature has to offer in one convenient location and is a must see for students of photography.

These are just some of the many highlights an African safari has to offer. Seeing all five in one trip would be ideal but visiting just one or two of these areas will whet your appetite for more. Beware, it’s addictive and the “danger” is you could very well become an African safari “junkie.”

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