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Tips For Storing Melissa and Doug Wooden Toys & Legos Building Blocks

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Tips For Storing Melissa and Doug Wooden Toys & Legos Building Blocks

Ever stepped on a Lego barefoot in the dark? If you have (and you didn’t immediately consign the whole minefield of such crippling objects to the nearest available garage sale!), you are probably eagerly searching for appropriate storage containers and ideas. Those wooden building blocks, dollhouse accessories, and Hotwheels cars aren’t much better to encounter on a dark night, and need a bedtime home as well.

The good news is there are many options, suitable for every décor and lifestyle. From empty packing boxes to lined wicker, from a washed ice cream bucket to color coded stacking drawers, there is something that will meet every family’s needs.

For those who wish to be boldly creative and independent, there are a variety of make-at-home options. First, the old stand-bys, shoe boxes and washed plastic food containers such as ice cream buckets or margarine tubs. Simply wash and rinse well. Allow to dry, then turn them upside down on a piece of newspaper and spray paint them and their lids a nice color.

Next, be sure to label them, container and lid alike with the contents, such as “Lego Blocks, Large” or “Melissa and Doug Wooden Toys” or “Necklace Beads.” The kids will enjoy helping out, perhaps even using up some of those beads which get so easily scattered by gluing them on as decoration. A tip from experienced moms is that for a really successful container system, you should also label the shelves where the containers go. This way, clean up for the kids is as easy as a matching game.

For those who wish they had time for all that, but must purchase something instead, the options range from stackable plastic storage drawers from Wal-Mart to designer wicker baskets from specialty outlets. These really add an artistic touch and are very convenient, even for toys that have a lot of smaller pieces like Melissa and Doug wooden toys. The key is to have each container lined to keep the small pieces from falling into the wicker.

Another great idea is a system of sturdy hanging pegs mounted at child-height. Toys then get stored in tote bags or drawstring bags and hung neatly on the pegs each evening. Some moms have successfully used over-the door shoe bags. The individual pockets are just the right size for hot wheels cars or wooden building blocks like Discovery Toys blocks or Melissa and Doug wooden toys.

All of the above are great ideas, but my personal two favorites are the Box4BLOX and the Drop Bag. The Box4BLOX is a unique item. It is specially designed to keep different size Legos sorted and organized. There are four stackable trays with open grids in the bottom, which actually filter the Legos through based on size. The bottom layer holds the tiny pieces which otherwise get lost so easily, and there is a lid to close the top.

Best of all, not only are the Legos easily contained in this neat and tidy box, but when the child goes to play with them, he does not tend to dump the building blocks all over the floor to find what he needs. He doesn’t have to. The pieces are ready-sorted for him. He now gets to spend more time in building and less in hunting for the right piece.

The Drop Bag is another ingenious idea from one smart mommy. This is something you can make yourself in just an hour or two. You’ll need a large circle of cloth, 44 inches or 60 inches in diameter and a piece of rope six inches longer than the circumference of the fabric.

Sew a casing into the perimeter of your fabric circle. Run the rope through inside the casing and tie the ends together. Spread the fabric out on the floor and instruct the child to stay on the fabric when she plays with her Melissa and Doug wooden toys or Legos building blocks. When she’s through, it’s a snap to lift the edges, pull the rope to close it into a drawstring bag and hang the bag on a peg.

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