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Top 6 Most Romantic Wedding Destinations

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Top 6 Most Romantic Wedding Destinations

Looking for a best location for your destination wedding? Well, since there are many factors to be considered for a destination wedding and many girls have a romantic dream, the following are top 6 most romantic wedding cities. If you are in pursuit of a romantic wedding ceremony, you should check the list first.

The picturesque Verona is one of oldest and most beautiful city in Italy. Famous for the classic works “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare, and also hometown of the two lovers, Verona becomes a dreaming destination for young lovers naturally.

Located in No. 23 Via Cappello, a small building was former residence of Juliet. And in the courtyard, a bronze statue of Juliet is standing there. It is said that touching the right thorax will bring happy love, so the right part of the statue becomes quite shiny after countless visitors.

Also, another grand view in Verona is Juliet’s tomb. According to the beautiful legend, it is the place Romeo and Juliet celebrated their wedding secretly. Therefore, many lovers around the world came here for their wedding, hoping to defend their love till death.

Whether the story of Romeo and Juliet is true or not, it is not important any more. What’s important is the pursuit of true love. And when the words Romeo and Juliet become symbol of love, the city of Verona also gains repute of wedding city.

Cologne, Germany
Born in the first century BC to Roman times, Cologne got the beautiful name of “northern roman”, and the series of Church Architecture was regarded as Jerusalem in the north. Since according to tradition, the churches symbolize loyal guardian of wedding. When the wedding vows are made before Jesus, it means the couples will be loyal to the wow in the rest of life. How beautiful the promise!

Cologne Cathedral is as high as 157 meters, and also is the only holy land that closest to God. So here, the lovers could listen to blessing from God with the clearest and most direct voice during the wedding ceremony.

Portugal Obi Meadows: Wedding City
Located in north of Lisbon, Portugal Obi Meadows was sent to the king of Portugal’s King Tangdinisi Houtang Na by Isabel’s wedding gift, so afterward, the city was known as “wedding of the city”. And then Portuguese and even couples all over the world regard Obi as the starting point.

South Korea’s Cheju Island: love paradise
Cheju Island is always filled with romance, with the magic to improve relation and love, it is listed as second to none choice for Korean newly married couple’ honeymoon.

Cheju Island in some cases is refereed as Hawaiian Islands in Korea, with mixture of volcanic rock, frequent rains and temperate climate. As paradise of love, the island is famous with woods and stone court which specifies and visualizes many fairy tales and love stories. Best of all, a series of works that vividly describe the happy life of a couple have attract thousands of young couples.

Love and magic become the eternal topic on this island.

Casablanca: white classic city
Casablanca gets its name from Spanish, which means white house. As the largest city in Morocco, this white city gets more reputation because of Hollywood movie “Casablanca’.

When you set foot on Casablanca, the beautiful tone of “as time goes by” will bring you into memories of good times. The white wall of Casablanca still tall the romance between Rick and Ilsa. War and love brings more memories to this city, and love is the eternal theme of Casablanca.

Athens: seeking traces of Venus
“If you have not met Athens, you must be fool. If you are not excited for seeing her, you must be donkey and if you leave her, you must be camel.” This is a proverb that vividly describes the magic and charm of Athens. Named after Athena, the city of Athens is closely related with beauty, wisdom and justice as always.

Everything in Athens shines with love, definitely, it is on the list of romantic city.

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