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Top Family Friendly Activities for Your Summer Vacation in Banff

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Top Family Friendly Activities for Your Summer Vacation in Banff

If you’re putting together a family summer vacation in Banff, finding activities that all family members will enjoy probably ranks high on your to-do list. For a great start, consider these top family friendly activities that kids and adults of all ages will enjoy.

There are many relatively short, fairly flat hikes in Banff National Park that are kid friendly while providing spectacular views, the chance to spot wildlife and more. Hiking in the beautiful outdoors is a great way to develop a love of physical activity and an affinity for nature. Keep younger kids occupied by encouraging them to look for interesting plants or counting flowers along the way.

Stop by one of the park offices at Banff or Lake Louise for a detailed trail listing and basic maps. The lakeside trails at Moraine Lake and Lake Louise are both good starting options and kids often enjoy the short interpretive trek up the Rockpile found at Moraine Lake where they can pretend to be mountain goats.

Visiting sled dogs
While dog sledding is not a summer option, Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours offers the opportunity to meet and visit with the dogs in the summer. Cuddle with adorable huskie puppies and enjoy a tour of the facility, learning about the tradition of dog sledding through demonstrations. This is always a hit with the kids and many adults as well.

Family float trip
A family-friendly float trip down one of the spectacular rivers found in the Banff region is a great way to introduce kids to white water rafting, even children as young as five can participate in one of the mild Canadian Rockies river-rafting trips through Canadian Outback Adventures.

If you’re traveling with older kids or teenagers, there are plenty of more thrilling river adventures that are sure to satisfy their taste for adventure and encourage them to break away from that cell phone or video game.

Explore a cave
At the Cave and Basin National Historic site in the park, visitors can go inside the cave and watch the bubbling sulphur hot springs in this basin that was discovered over 100 years ago. An interactive display along a short marsh boardwalk tells the story.

If your kids at least ten years old, you might consider taking them on a guided trip through one of the many ancient caves that were sculpted in this region hundreds of thousands of years ago. These amazing tunnels are sure to fascinate with winding passages and chambers filled with stalactites, stalagmites, animal bones and fossils.

Ride the gondola
Riding the Lake Louise gondola is sure to thrill everyone in the family with some of the most inspirational views in the park as well as the opportunity to spot wildlife from above, including Grizzly bears, moose, mountain goats, big horn sheep and more. Peak viewing time is between June and September – ideal for your summer family vacation.

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