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Tracking Gorillas on a Uganda Safari Holiday

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Tracking Gorillas on a Uganda Safari Holiday

One of the best ways to see a magnificent gorilla in its natural habit is to go on a Ugandan Gorilla Safari in Africa. Seeing gorillas in a zoo or wildlife park is no match for the thrill of Gorilla tracking in the wild.

The most popular place to go on a Gorilla Safari in Uganda is the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, a UNESCO World heritage site.

Just because you are heading to a rugged natural environment, doesn’t mean there isn’t any comfort or luxury. You will most likely stay in the Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp, which is the only camp within the National Park. In the camp you will find luxury en-suite tents that have two queen sized beds and an amazing bathtub that features stunning views of the forest.

After you have settled into your camp and prepared yourself, you will be taken with a guide into the forest to look for the gorillas. The gorillas you’ll find in the park have undergone a delicate process that makes them used to humans, a process that many of the Safari guides have been part of. Once your group locates the gorillas you will be allowed one hour with them.

You will want to keep your memories from the trip of a lifetime forever and taking the right photography equipment is essential. While flash photography with the gorillas is prohibited you will be able to take photographs. So make sure you take along enough batteries, film or memory cards. Sun filters can help to block the glare when taking your pictures and good hard wearing camera bags are recommended.

Tracking gorillas on a safari holiday is a fairly physically challenging activity so you should ensure you are at a reasonable fitness level to enjoy the safari properly.

Other species you can expect to see on your safari include forest elephants, giant hogs, blue and red tailed monkeys, baboons, chimpanzees, butterflies and antelopes.

After a hard day tracking the gorillas, you can take a soak in the bath, reflect on your day and then head to the dining cottage for some al fresco eating before hitting the bar for a night cap.

You won’t spend your whole safari tracking the animals and you will be provided plenty of time to relax in the camp, visit local villages and meet people who live in the area. There are plenty of great walks to take and plenty of bird watching due to there being over 350 different species of birds living in the area.

Whilst luxury holidays like these may require a bit of saving, they are sure to be a holiday of a lifetime and one you will never forget.

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