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Travel And Leisure In This World And The Next!

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Travel And Leisure In This World And The Next!

Travel obligates a plan for destination. One journey, studiously considered by theist and atheist alike is the journey of life. This relatively short journey is worthy of some thought as to the method of transport and result of effort. The trip need not be constrained by tradition but freely and joyfully pursued. Life can and should be undemanding and without invented hazards.

Whether we like it or not, we travel ever onward to an uncertain reality; but in the karma of progress, we can enjoy great rewards, even while reaping much pain and delusion along the way. Pleasure and pain are but points of reference, each magnifying the alternative. On the other hand, delusion is the product of acquiescence to false impressions. This author offers relief from a particular delusion so common in the human psyche and root of life’s greatest worry.

Depending on geographic circumstance, we are born to and prejudiced toward a particular metaphysical influence; most strident and demanding are the Judaic, Christian, or Islamic persuasion. Alternately, one can declare atheism as his conscience-clearing mien; however, it is not declaration but substantiation able to soothe the human psyche.

Most people make extensive plans for physical travel, leisure, and destination; but plans for immortal travel are left more to chance and circumstance than intellectual wit. In this regard, we offer a scholarly means to weigh existing evidence.

Both theism and atheism form their debate from a very flawed position, basing their belief more on speculation and desire than reason. Debate bounces back and forth without advantage, for they neglect the mediating link hidden in Bible symbols and numbers, the only source for a sensible determination. Both belief and unbelief, in ignorance of the hidden agenda, are but expressions of opinion and emotion. Only in a correct evaluation of Bible symbology can proper interpretation resolve the atheist/theist dispute. The truth will shock all who dare to investigate the bottom line in eschatology and Parousia time frame!

One example of biblical mystery, among many, is the Ezekiel creature’s habitual walk to and fro in the earth, contemporaneous with the beasts traveling this same road in Daniel’s Four Beast parallel. Over past millennia, these beasts were assigned various identities, the most consistent being Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek, and Roman. Would it surprise those evaluating this metaphysical road to discover the infamous beasts have been falsely named over these many years, completely subverting Bible intent? Would it surprise readers to discover all Four Beasts to be the very same, at differing stages of evolvement? This discovery allows us to delve into even greater mysticisms.

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