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Vacation, Training & Travel Survival Tips For Your Fitness

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Vacation, Training & Travel Survival Tips For Your Fitness

My better half, Roger & I jut got back from a ‘road trip vacation. We drove from Reno,NV to Bend, Oregon, up through the Oregon Wine Country to Portland down the coast of Oregon. One day in between, we flew to Napa for the release of our favorite wine, returned to the Oregon Coast and decided that we wanted to go back to the California Wine Country so we drove to Healdsburg and spent a couple of days. Then it was on to San Francisco for a few days. San Francisco, one of our favorite cities, was having their premiere Food & Wine Festival that I have been looking forward to for months.

I am a foodie & a friend of fitness – some of my friends call me a fitness fanatic… The truth of matter is that I am a food and fitness fanatic, and thank goodness I do train and get lots of exercise because I am truly a foodie at heart! I am writing a healthy gourmet cook book, so any time that I can get in contact with chefs, I am there!

You see, folks, fitness fanatics are people too and I am all too aware of what all this traveling and eating in restaurants can do to can do to my health & fitness regimen. Here is what I am doing to keep things in control – hopefully some of these travel tips can help with your next vacation!

I created my own little portable ‘mini-gym’. Here’s how:

*I bought a little DVD player that fits into my computer bag – HURRAY!! It was inexpensive (under the $50) & I think it has saved me! I had my current favorite exercise video, P90X with me! I have been setting up my little DVD player in every hotel room or hotel gym. And what a work out it is – a real calorie burner with real results!

* I have my exercise bands with me. Some of the hotels that we stayed in have a gym & weights and some don’t – my Beachbody Bands are portable and get the job done! I’m so glad I bought them & have them with me!

*I rolled up my yoga mat and packed it in my suitcase, it went everywhere with us. A person has to stretch, it’s imperative for a healthy body.

With that pretty much under control, now it gets tougher – diet. Here’s how we have handled it: We eat primarily organic and locally farmed foods. Roger & I love doing business with the small farmer that grows organics! We are lucky to have lots at farmer’s markets in the Reno area…Luckily, we have found LOTS of restaurants that have organics and deal with local farmers as well, so the food has been fresh and there have been lots of wonderful vegetables and salads.

 The big tip that I can give you all when it come to the restaurant menu is that there are two options:

1) Split a main course with your mate, restaurant plates always have enough food on them for at least two.

2) Make friends with the ‘Appetizer’ & ‘Salad’ sections of the menu. An appetizer with a protein like grilled shrimp and a salad is just perfect. On our last night when we happened onto a restaurant that served both a ‘full portion’ & a ‘petite portion’ and we were both able to have our own ‘petite portion’ — these portions were the same size that I serve at home: 4 -5 ounces of protein with lots of veggies. It was a real treat.

Having followed this regimen during our trip, I was a lot less anxious about meeting up with my scale when we returned home. It’s such a great feeling when you don’t have what I call ‘post-vacation guilt’! My scale and I had our fateful meeting and not an ounce gained! I felt like I had just won a big race – that feeling someplace between great satisfaction and relief. It just goes to show you that if you hold onto your small daily disciplines that even a foodie can be and stay fit!

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