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Where to Find One of the Seven Wonders in Jordan

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Where to Find One of the Seven Wonders in Jordan

Carved into the rocks that reach up to 80 metres in height are these magnificent buildings that are a true testament of the hard working and brilliant minds of the ancient Arabs. To reach these awe-inspiring structures you have to walk through a narrow gorge that winds its way towards the ancient site for over 1km. The mere walk towards this site, if taken at the dead of the night, with sweet traditional music echoing through the gorge, spells indescribable beauty to all vacationers.

Merely looking at the legendary intimidating hand carved stone façade while shading your eyes from the scorching desert sun (if visited during the day) is enough to understand why this site has easily taken one of the top places among the Seven Wonders of the World.

If the spellbinding wonder is not enough on its own, the government of Jordan overkills by discounting the Petra park entry fee if tourists plan to stay overnight in a bid to explore the locality further. Many hotels in the vicinity offer attractive and economical tourist packages for people staying overnight at the place. If you are desirous of visiting Petra and staying at a good and secure hotel, We have all the rooms you need.

Built by the Nabataeans in 312BC, the kind of engineering these archaeological remains of Petra feature are simply remarkable. With a guide explaining each specific sculpture and building in vivid detail, it becomes almost natural for everyone to imagine what life would have been here living like Nabataeans.

With water channels hewn into the sandstone structures, transporting fresh waters from the springs in the centre of the once thriving city and dams collecting the rainfall during winters, living in the desert would have been fairly easier than what it would be today.

Perhaps the best structure among the many which you may find here is the one called Al Khazneh, translated into Treasury in English. The place has been named so because when it was rediscovered the by western archaeologists there were coins strewn around the site. While the locals at that time considered the site to be cursed and refrained from taking anything in there, the westerns found it nothing more than a treasure and called the area treasury for it surely made them rich.

There is a lot to explore here and the best way to do it is to visit the place instead of reading blogs. So get a ticket to Jordan and make sure you take this life changing tour to Petra. Good Luck!

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