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White Shark Cage Diving

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White Shark Cage Diving

Are you a fan of thrills and adrenalin? Do you get a kick out of the extraordinary? If you’re planning a trip to the Western Cape, one thing you can’t afford to leave off the itinerary is a white shark cage diving experience. Gansbaai offers some of the best shark cage diving in South Africa and if seeing one of these mighty beasts up close is what you’re after – this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

Hire a car in SA with First Car Rental and start planning your great white shark diving trip today! A great suggestion would be to arrive in at Cape Town airport, jump into your hire car and set off on a road trip down the coast! You could stop by on the Cape Wine route or even spot some whales in Hermanus but no matter what route you take, don’t forget your camera and your hunger for adventure!

Gansbaai – The While Shark Cage Diving Capital

In Gansbaai, there is an assortment of great white shark diving companies who will help you plan your underwater experience. This often includes a briefing about how it works, some tea or lunch as well as some incredible photos taken during the ‘action’ and snacks while aboard the boat.

You’ll embark on your boat toward Geyser Rock (home to a large number of Cape Fur seals) which is just like the take-away section of a restaurant for the sharks. Due to the vast population of seals which are frequently preyed upon by sharks, this shallow stretch of sea between Geyser Rock and Dyer Island is known as ‘Shark Alley’. It’s no wonder that shark cage diving in South Africa is so popular – as this little stretch of sea boasts the densest population of Great White sharks in the world!

Your white shark cage diving experience means that you will be kitted up in a full body wetsuit and lowered from the boat into the safety of the diving cage. All that separates you and these stealthy predators is some cold Atlantic water and the bars of the cage. There really is nothing more magical than to witness the grace and strength of a Great White shark as it glides though the depths in search of its reward – it will literally take your breath away.

Great White Shark Diving Trips – Without the Diving

If you aren’t quite ready to take the literal plunge, white shark cage diving trip doesn’t have to involve actually getting into the water. Instead, you can go along for the ride, give support to those having to get into the icy water and watch from the comfort and safety of your double-decker boat. You’ll find that you get an incredible vantage point of the white sharks from this elevated perspective, allowing you to truly appreciate their stealth and size.

Don’t let your explorations stop there – hop back in your rental car and try out one of our top 10 road trips to take in the Western Cape. What’s more, if you think your adventures may take you beyond the boundaries of the Western Cape, you can conveniently return your hired vehicle to any of the First Car Rental branches in South Africa.

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