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Why The Harley 883 Sportster?

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Why The Harley 883 Sportster?

The Harley Davidson Motorcycle company produce a number of different models but one of the most popular and best selling is those that are in the Sportster group. Especially popular with young and old, men and women today is the Harley 883 Sportster.

As anyone will soon discover all the bikes that Harley Davidson have produced through out the years including this one are extremely versatile. But what is making this motorcycle so popular is that it looks very similar to the XLCH Harley Davidson Sportster that was first built back in 1958. But for those who wish to provide themselves with a little more comfort to use the bike for touring on there are a number of additional items that they can put on to theirs. Below are a list of the items that you may want to consider buying for yours.

1. Get a set of the flush mounted leather saddlebags from your local dealership.

2. Arrange for a Harley Dealership to either fit it with a sport windshield or you could try and fit this yourself.

3. Instead of sticking with the seat that the motorcycle first came with replace it with a deluxe touring one.

4. Get a low sissy bar fitted and also a backrest for your passenger.

5. Fit it with a sport rack and purchase an tank bag and an overnight rack bag.

Once you have all these parts fitted you will find that going away at weekends on it will be extremely enjoyable and will not have lessened the ride any. Plus including the new seat and passenger backrest on to the bike even those on the back of your Harley 883 Sportster will enjoy the journey just as much as you.

Previously we mentioned that the Harley Davidson Sportster’s look have remained relatively unchanged since the first one was built back in 1958. The only real difference that the owner of the latest models will notice is that these bikes are now built using high quality modern parts and materials.

Today however all the Harley Davidson 883 Sportster’s have an Evolution V-Twin engine which has been bored out to a total of 883cc. But if you wanted to and had the money to do so you could easily convert it up to being a 1200cc engine. For this work to be done the cylinders need to be bored out further and a Harley Davidson dealership will charge about $900 to do this for you.

However what one should remember is that the 883 Sportster has been purely designed for cruising the highways and byways at reasonable not fast speeds. So if you are a pure speed freak then it may be wiser to sink your money into some thing Japanese made. But when the sun is high and there is very little wind around a bike like this will make motorcycle riding extremely pleasurable.

What you will soon discover after owning your Harley 883 Sportster for even the shortest time that they are ideally suited to be ridden both in the city or out in the country. Also now that all the Harley Davidson motorcycles are fitted with a belt drive rather than a chain drive they sound much quieter and also much easier to maintain as well. So if you are looking for a bike which can hold its value but has all the qualities that you would look for in a custom made motorcycle you may want to consider one of these as your next purchase.

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