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Why Treat Yourself to a Barbados Holiday?

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Why Treat Yourself to a Barbados Holiday?

For those professionals who treat breaks from the business world as one sacred thing, it is very important that they spend it to the fullest and perhaps in a place that they can call paradise. For families who want to spend quality time with each other, a place that will provide them with activities and bonding sessions would truly be a haven, and this is what exactly Barbados holidays is all about.

Barbados sits at the heart of the Caribbean and the easternmost island of Lesser Antilles. As much of the country is surrounded of coral reefs, divers from around the globe religiously visit Barbados to explore the vast wealth of marine life thriving within its crystal clear aquamarine waters. Some of the submarine tours offered to tourists involves expedition to ship wrecks that date back to 1917 till 1996. Within the island’s sea life are the largest turtles in the world. Incidentally, this particular specie is now considered endangered.

And from countless testimonials of first time and regular visitors during Barbados holidays, Bajans are one of the most cheerful and hospitable people in the world. Not to mention that they are very artistic, seen in the locally made handicrafts available at shopping areas in Bridgetown. Their hospitality and vibrant personality also come out during festivities in the island like the famed Crop Over Festival, which is a 14-week long celebration.

Barbados has a tropical climate that invites beach lovers around the sphere all year round to take pleasure in the beauty that the island flashes. The nation is also outside of the hurricane and tropical storm prone area. The last time it was struck by a devastating storm was more than 50 years ago.

Barbados holidays will not be complete without at least dipping into one of the pristine beaches and playing along the gleaming pinkish white sand. Top beaches in the world are housed in the long stretch of Barbados’ coastlines like Sandy Lane Beach, Crane Beach and Brighton Beach.

Rum and Food are also two great reasons why friends and couples enjoy their week-long or more stay in Barbados. Great food like macaroni pie and fried flying fish, mongo rice and the island’s own banana fritters. And where else to taste the finest rum in the world, but right in its own home. People would often recommend dark rum for hard drinkers. There are more than 15,000 rum shops surrounding the whole island, so guests would have no excuse to not try the drink that originated within the shelter of Barbados.

The usual ending of a really nice vacation is shopping and Barbados will give you a thousand and one ideas and shops to choose from where commodities and crafts are sold in duty free prices. The long stretch of market and stalls in Bridgetown, the capital city, will surely delight all shopaholics out there. Here, tourists can purchase locally made pots, baskets and paintings-all products that can be found here are proudly hand-made and carefully perfected.

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