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Wii Black Screen Fix

3 min read
Wii Black Screen Fix

The Wii black screen is very annoying as you will be unable to play any games on your Wii…or do anything on your Wii for that matter. So what can cause the black screen and what can you do to get a Wii black screen fix?

A common cause of the black screen is no power. Check to see if the Wii is actually plugged in, receiving power and turned on (the power light should be green). If you are not getting any power to the Wii, unplug it, check the connections on the adaptor and plug it back in. If you still are not getting power, try plugging in the Wii at a different socket

Another common cause is that the TV input settings are not correct. Make sure that the TV is set to the correct input. You can usually find out which input setting you are supposed to use by looking at where the Wii is connected to the TV since the appropriate input is labeled there.

The connections on the Wii may not be connected properly. Unplug the Wii and check the connections on the Wii. You should also check to see if the connection to the TV is connected properly.

An alternative cause of the Wii black screen is that the system has overheated. This can be caused by using the Wii for a very long time or not using it in well ventilated area. If overheating is the cause, turn off the Wii, unplug it, and leave it to cool for a few hours. Next time, use the Wii in a well ventilated area to prevent this problem from occurring again.

Loss of connection between the Wii remote and the Wii while playing Wiiware or using a Wii channel. To solve this just reset the Wii. To reduce the chances of the Wii remote losing connection with the Wii make sure that:

-there are no bright sources of light to interfere with the communication between the remote and the console

-there are no other sources of infrared light such as that produced by a fireplace

-there are no devices such as cordless phones that produce radio frequencies that adversely affect the operation of the remote

If you cannot remove these sources, try moving the console to another room where there is less interference.

If these tips do not solve the Wii black screen problem, then you may have a more serious problem. You basically have 2 options to solve this problem:

1) Send your Wii to Nintendo for repairs. I recommend this option if your console is still under warranty since you should not have to pay for the repairs. However if your warranty has expired this option is not so appealing since you may have to pay $50 or higher for a fix. A disadvantage of sending your console to Nintendo for repairs is that you may have to wait 4-6 weeks to get your console back, regardless of if it is under warranty or not.

2) Repair your Wii yourself. This is the cheaper and faster option for those people whose warranty has expired. Repairing the Wii by yourself is possible, but it is crucial that you have a good Wii repair guide. You may want to look for a repair guide that has:

  • Step by step instructions with pictures so that you can easily understand what to do
  • Some sort of support like email support so that you can ask for help if you get stuck
  • A money back guarantee in case the guide doesn’t work, you can get your money back
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