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Jordan – An Alternative Family Adventure

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Jordan – An Alternative Family Adventure

When people think of holidays to the Middle East they quite often imagine a poolside venture to Egypt perhaps with a whistle stop day trip to the Pyramids. Jordan until recently was the holiday destination of archaeologists and 70s hippies Jordan is a country steeped in history with its culture built on Ottoman and Islamic values. As far as a family holiday goes Jordan may not jump out as a family friendly destination but with an abundance of activities and the dramatic ‘lost city’ of Petra Jordan is just the place for an active and energetic family.

Jordan holidays offer a chance to enjoy 4WD safaris, exploration of ancient civilisations and traditional activities such as snorkelling or swimming in the red sea. Most trip providers include at least a day trip to see the solid rock ‘pink city’ of Petra and explore this Nabatean wonder, set majestically into the rock. Although not hot in the winter months, the temperature ranges from 10 to 15 degrees Celsius from December to February while a visit during the Easter break sees temperatures hit 24 in the afternoons, cooling at night. This makes Jordan a near all year round destination. Try to avoid the busy months of July and August though when it hits 30 plus and the tourist crowds move in.

Most independent travel firms will offer a similar itinerary so it is really a matter of researching the best for you and your family. A favourite activity is playing at gladiators in the corridors and dungeons of the Crusader castle at Kerak. The Roman city of Jerash is over 2300 years old and provides the perfect backdrop for your child’s imagination to run wild, joining Indiana Jones on his Last Crusade. Nearly all trips include a traditional camel trek far into the desert (usually to Wadi Rum) to meet locals and to sleep under the stars in a Bedouin style tent. Other activities to keep your family holiday filled with excitement include guided tours of the Dana National Park and the Great Rift Valley, snorkelling and floating in the Dead Sea and shopping amongst the local markets. Families are especially welcome in Jordan with the locals guaranteed to take the time to entertain the smaller ones with gifts of Bedouin headdresses and tails of the ancient cities.

And if Jordan isn’t enough for you, you can add on the traditional trip to Egypt to see those famous pyramids. Many tour companies offer at least one combined trip which visits both the Pyramids and Petra, crossing the Red sea by boat to Wadi Rum. These family holidays offer history, culture and adventure and all with a little bit of sun.

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